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The Final Countdown

Countdown to The Big Move… 7 Days

As previously promised, it’s time to discuss The Big Move. In September of last year, Husband and I signed a contract to build a new construction house in a one-street development. 504 more words


Abundantly More (We Bought a House!)

On the night after Ruthie was born, Evan and I were settled in to our tiny recovery room. Ruthie snoozed on my chest, nurses popped in every so often to take my vitals, and Evan read me text messages sent to us by family and friends. 1,084 more words


It's Been .... 'A While'

405….. No, I’m not talking about the popular Southern California freeway. That’s approximately how long it has been since I posted in this blog. I don’t have any legitimate reasons other than my awe of how quickly 2016 flew by. 601 more words


The Big Move

I never wanted to move to suburbia.

I am open-minded. I am adaptable. I am NOT a suburbanite.

But when I started a family in Toronto and my spouse and I agreed that we wanted to own our own space instead of funding someone else’s dream, the suburbs were the only option. 479 more words

We're moving!

We have finally found our house and have received confirmation that we can move! I cannot describe how happy we all are right now.

The VB’s are off to live in sleepy Oldmeldrum. 182 more words



Just as we are physically moving my blog will be moving too.  I hope that you will come along to it.

I have to pay for linking this blog to my new blog and I didn’t get around to doing that so you will have to do a little sleuthing.   105 more words

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I'm in France

By and large when I am not trying to handle an international move, I am a happy person.  When I am happy and relaxed little snippets of songs tumble out of my mouth or I whistle.  469 more words

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