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"The Biggest Loser: Temptation Nation" 2/8

This is Makeover Wk.

Last Chance Challenge: The players would run to their family members & have them unscrew five weights. As soon as all five of their weights were on the player’s sled, s/he had to pull the sled across the finish line. 57 more words

"The Biggest Loser"

Works for Me: Angela on Fitness

Meet Dolvett.

Ok, pick yourself up off the floor and meet Dolvett. (Cue En Vogue’s “Whatta Man”).

Dolvett Quince is one of the personal trainers from NBC’s “Biggest Loser”: a television show where contestants compete to shed the most pounds by the end of the season. 233 more words

The First Weigh In

So today was the first weigh-in (after the initial starting weight weigh-in) of the Biggest Loser Contest at the office. I totally forgot to take a picture of myself this morning, but from now on I will try to remember to see the progress. 558 more words

Post Partum

I Can't Believe it Has Come to This!

     I can openly admit I overindulged while watching the Superbowl, the holiday season, last summer…okay…I’ve been a gluttonous savage for quite awhile now. However, I think I have reached my breaking point. 173 more words


Fitness: Lose the weight, keep the muscle

The new discussion around weight loss doesn’t judge success by the numbers on the scale. Instead the focus is on losing inches without losing muscle, a combination that’s hard to achieve by cutting calories alone. 897 more words

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The Biggest Loser

My office is doing our own version of “The Biggest Loser.” After some consideration, I decided to join in. I still have some pregnancy weight I am trying to lose and I definitely need a push. 501 more words

Post Partum

what i'm into: january 2016

I cannot believe it’s time to recap January. I can tell you, with regret, what I was mostly into this past month: germs. Between strep throat and one of Ev’s infamous stomach bugs, it’s been a rough few weeks. 865 more words