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Bright Reminders

I need a bit of colour in my life and a reminder that we had some summer this year. Bee and fuchsia should suffice for a few minutes. 25 more words


The Webs We Weave?

No… I’m not going to go into some long sob story about skulduggery or who did who in. I’m only using the title because I like it. 43 more words


Spider Spider...

The morning mist is leaving lots of moisture in its wake… enough to wet the nets… webs, whatever. Seems the spiders don’t take too kindly to the intrusion… smack bang in the hub of the web! 18 more words


30 - The Midwife

I’m starting to get the sense that Chunt might not actually like me at all. Maybe we’ll patch things up this week while we interview a magical midwife. 69 more words



Buildings… windows aplenty… lines… floor after floor. Bridges… all angles… creating patterns. Fences… regular, square or rectangular slabs on the pavements and floors. Tiles on the roofs… all man-made grids. 72 more words