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Lady Serendipity Strikes... Whooppee!!

Look what Lady Serendipity threw at me!!! Do please click on the link… it will open, I promise.

Butterfly and bumblebee… whooppee!!!

I’m honest… I fluked this take as it was hand-held in manual focus and I couldn’t really see the image on the display in the sunlight… and then the bumblebee joined the fun. 33 more words


My Bird Restaurant

I use the lounge as my office during the day. There’s a few good reasons and one of them is that there’ s a patio door within meters of my “desk”… the coffee table. 124 more words



Awakens not my wolf-man to the moon
For that it shines a silver discus full,
For he may rise when clouds the thickest dull
The round moon’s lustre, or when the clock strikes noon. 89 more words
The Birds And The Bees

The Four Seasons

My summer's lease hath all too short a date;
And that which hath been ripe begins to rot;
And shriveling autumn winds disconsolate
Will make a temperate zone of what was hot. 83 more words

Timid Tuesday

I’m on a roll now with the bird photos so I can just as well give you another. This little wren was hard to spot. I stopped off and looked in all the dark spots in a section of hedgerow. 48 more words


The Birds And The Bees - Kids Logic Part 39

A few short weeks ago, I wrote a guest post on A Momma’s View, about the impending conversations with Lil Man… Yes that age has now come, where we need to start to think about talking… 331 more words