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The Golden Moment

We’ve all heard of the light qualities during the golden hour. However, on very rare occasions it may only be a golden moment… or two. This was taken at 21h10… the cloud patterns changed rapidly and for a few minutes the interplay between moving lenticular clouds and the sun was great!


Pond Dragons!

The last two years we’ve had newts in the pond. I have tried, on the odd occasion, to get photos as they come up for a breath of air. 78 more words


Kiss Me Deer... No, You Kiss Me Dear!

I was privileged to be in Phoenix Park yesterday at the right time. This young lady was having a few moments with the deer. They’d come prepared… carrying a bag of carrots to entice the animals closer. 40 more words


Subtle Sunday

Last week Ailsa’s post got me thinking of doing a few Subtle Sunday posts of my own… so, when Cocoa up North commented that she liked the idea I committed to going with the flow. 54 more words


Still a Virgin?

First take a look here:

Had your laugh? Wiped your tears?

Now tell me whose question was the mommy answering?
Her daughter’s?
Or was she trying to get off her chest something that was nagging her since she’d been told by the good doctor: ‘congratulations, you have a beautiful baby girl!’?


Get Out!

Yesterday I watched this swan patrolling his beat. When I first noticed him he was flying after one of the Greylag Geese. Then he took to chasing the geese out of the water. 31 more words



This week has shot by again… now, after all the doom and gloom of the cricket and well as being ill, why don’t I leave you with a happy blue spring view. 35 more words