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It's a spring break party for nature! Everyone's Invited! There's bird porn on my deck!

(First came the announcement, then came the show)

Formal announcement sent to every animal:

Come one! Come All!

It’s the Woodstock of the animal kingdom! Music, sex, and rock and roll, plus a natural hormone high like no other! 1,593 more words

Wet Foot

Keeping up with the swan theme… here’s a lad spotted yesterday. I enjoy the wet feet as well as the ringlets and drops below the bill.


Open, Won't You?

This is one of the cheeky robins that calls around quite often. When there’s food for them they eat away merrily but oh boy, should I forget to put any out he’s quick to catch my attention.


Warmer Days...

I’m feeling the need to throw the old mind back toward the warmer summer months… again. Colour and summer life can’t be such a bad thing. 40 more words


This Little Girl Has Years Of Therapy Ahead Of Her Over What She Saw At The Safari Park

Safari parks are a great way for visitors to observe animals in their natural habitat instead of watching them in sad cages at zoos. But much like… 144 more words


The Year in Review - January to March

It’s been an interesting year in some ways and a difficult year in other ways. However, the camera has, as always, been close at hand. So… I’ll select a few photos from each month to put together a gallery to cover each of the four quarters. 22 more words


Bright Reminders

I need a bit of colour in my life and a reminder that we had some summer this year. Bee and fuchsia should suffice for a few minutes. 25 more words