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Soaking Splash!

How about a bit of water flying? I think I’ve used this photo before in a gallery but maybe I should show you the individual images. 26 more words


Wildlife Wednesday - Yep... I See It!!

So… did you miss Saturday’s post? No… your quick look didn’t do the creature much credit. So, I showed the picture to my seven-year old grandson. 84 more words


The Bee's Knees

The other day I was working on Book 13 when I wrote “I made a beeline for the door”.  Then I stopped and stared into space as my brain took an unexpected detour. 511 more words

Diane Henders

Sting - in the Tail!

I’m sure you know the old story about bumblebees not having stings? Don’t quite believe that. No, you believe the no sting theory at your peril. 67 more words


No Weekly Photo Challenge!

Guess what… I’ve become so accustomed to preparing the weekly challenges for Thursdays that I’m going to do my own No Weekly Photo Challenge this week! 39 more words


Sitting Saturday

There are days when even the most difficult questions asked by toddler grand kids can actually be easily explained. Yes, trust me… it’s true!

“Nanny, nanny… where’s the dragonfly?”

“Look… there child… right there!”

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