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Muddy Monday Moves

Somedays I can sit and watch waders and other sea birds do their thing for hours. The tide was well out so the birds were free to forage all over the mudflats. 53 more words


Friday's Flights of Fancy Flying!

Imagine being able to do this… flying along merrily surveying the sea below… and then, just for the sake of it, doing a neck 180 to see if you could spot an early star! 12 more words


Snack Time!

I’m trawling the summer archives… to brighten up my winter just a tad! This bird asks me to be seen…


Semi-Silent Saturday

Yep, I’ll only say a few words today… about crows. I love the cheek of them! Also, they seem to like posing… and they like posing closeup!


Twitter Poll 12/7

A day late and a dollar short, you can vote for this week’s Twitter poll here !

This weeks question is a personal preference question, Off White XXO is curious as to which time of day is your favorite to get frisky; morning, afternoon, night, or overnight. 186 more words

College Blogger

Ask Me Anonymously !

Hey guys,

I know I have a habit of asking for your feedback, personal stories and opinions on Off White and I usually offer up my comment section for you to do so. 184 more words

College Blogger

The Bees and the Bees

Most of us took sex education sometime between elementary and high school during the awkward years we call “the teen years”.  Most of us remember the class being uncomfortable, awkward, and even giggle worthy at times.   440 more words