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Spot Me - if You Can!

Yes, I know it looks like an expanse of beach pebbles. It is supposed to looks like an expanse because that’s exactly what it is. After all… an expanse of beach pebbles cannot look like a bowling green. 42 more words



It took me a while to find this photo… yep, way more than ten minutes! OK… I had to do a crop job but hat can one do? 32 more words



Aaaahh! Weekend! Just the time to find a bench somewhere along the coast. Somewhere to sit… somewhere to relax! Why not? I mean… most of us have to head off to work again tomorrow so, why don’t we just take a moment or five to relax? 6 more words


The Magic

I stopped, once

To smell the roses

The bees protested my presence 54 more words


Friday's Frenzied Flights

This gull feeding carry-on is a fun-filled endeavour. Most of the time, that is! On occasion, one has to duck the messy missiles but on the whole the birds are well-behaved! 67 more words


Wednesday Wildlife

In keeping with the daily themes, I’ll show you a photo I have posted before… why not? I mean… it is an enjoyable pic!

The move is progressing relatively well! 77 more words



Once in a blue moon I do the Daily Prompt… for the fun. I couldn’t resist yesterdays… I mean… tree! How could I walk by a tree and not think of showing the whole wide world it’s beauty. 84 more words