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Semi-Silent Saturday

Yep, I’ll only say a few words today… about crows. I love the cheek of them! Also, they seem to like posing… and they like posing closeup!


Twitter Poll 12/7

A day late and a dollar short, you can vote for this week’s Twitter poll here !

This weeks question is a personal preference question, Off White XXO is curious as to which time of day is your favorite to get frisky; morning, afternoon, night, or overnight. 186 more words

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Ask Me Anonymously !

Hey guys,

I know I have a habit of asking for your feedback, personal stories and opinions on Off White and I usually offer up my comment section for you to do so. 184 more words

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The Bees and the Bees

Most of us took sex education sometime between elementary and high school during the awkward years we call “the teen years”.  Most of us remember the class being uncomfortable, awkward, and even giggle worthy at times.   440 more words

Early Bird?

No, this was a midday bird who thought he could do justice to the worm. The moral of the story? Sometime we bite off more than we can chew!! 26 more words

The Birds And The Bees

Twitter Poll 12/3

So this week on Twitter I ran a poll and here are the results;

I can honestly say I was a little surprised, considering how many times males ask for anal sex (at least for me personally…) If you didn’t get to vote, feel free to leave your answer below! 31 more words

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WARM - in Serious Short Supply!

This week Ailsa longs for a bit of warmth! So do I! So… I’m going to join her and look back in the archives for warm pictures! 29 more words