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Blue Days?

I’m sure you’ll agree with me when I say we are occasionally struck by blue Monday syndrome so why not have the odd blue Friday as well? 42 more words


The Moment

I will often stand and watch to see if the bird will take off. Sometimes, if you approach very slowly you can get quite close before the moment occurs. 66 more words


Sweet Tooth?

I spotted this fellow in Phoenix Park. He was scratching around the open area of the tea garden at the Visitors Center. The place was still closed so the only activity came from two squirrels, a blackbird and a robin. 94 more words


Happy Chappy!!

Or… to be more exact, happy bunting. This little fellow was least bothered by me as he sat atop the flowers while singing his song! He sang for all the world to hear. 75 more words


The Birds and the Bees

After three days of hunkering down inside I’m ready for warmth again. What a strange year this has been and I look to the birds, the bees and the flowers for an explanation. 376 more words


The Golden Moment

We’ve all heard of the light qualities during the golden hour. However, on very rare occasions it may only be a golden moment… or two. This was taken at 21h10… the cloud patterns changed rapidly and for a few minutes the interplay between moving lenticular clouds and the sun was great!


Pond Dragons!

The last two years we’ve had newts in the pond. I have tried, on the odd occasion, to get photos as they come up for a breath of air. 78 more words