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Alfie birthday card from my best friend and guest blogger Kayla Postma. Now it lives on a shelf within my sanctuary, amongst Hitchcock postcards from Bodega Bay, the Eminem portrait that inspired my… 16 more words


The Birds....In Real Life

It was my Dad’s birthday on a Sunny Thursday. It was a great celebration and he really enjoyed himself. We were leaving my Grandparents’ house after having some of Grandma’s homemade Peach Pie with ice cream and we happened upon a flock of Turkey vultures flying over the neighbourhood. 38 more words



  • 希導拍女人美,拍男人也美。看電影著迷於人物影像是人之常情,很多色色的導演拍女人要多騷有多騷,常說Grace Kelly美麗卻空洞,在希導鏡頭下卻難得表現到女中英氣。撇開希導迷戀她的傳言,你看Grace Kelly在其他電影的姿態奇奇怪怪,跟Frank Sinatra拍檔也沒有發光發亮,唯有在Cary Grant這樣的美男子旁邊,卻是兩顆星星互相照耀。
  • 希治閣好明顯是個內心極度扭曲的人,而且扭曲前的心未必是光明的。要是人人也像Roberto Benigni,人類文明便不可能發展到這個程度。佔有慾強,做人又嚴謹,拍The Birds的七年之約弄得女主角神經出錯,其實連雀鳥也可能飽受折磨,要是鳥類像貓狗般高級,恐怕他是虐畜了。
  • 當你發現現代有那麼多技術先進,思想卻白癡的電影,便會明白舊電影的智慧。而希導的舊對比真的舊,卻總帶點新,除了因為思想先進,角度也先進。例如抓住人類對高空的恐懼,腳都抖了,卻不忘藝術。Trick out zoom in,爽到瞳孔不想放大只想放大被放大,恐懼沒有即時放大,往往在離開電影後鬼魅地出現,究竟是他高手和自己膽小。
  • 所以說,看Rope後大驚小怪喊gay movie gay movie的人,是白癡嗎?
  • 懸疑式浪漫是他的拿手好戲,或者說他懂得製造浪漫,像Vertigo死掉是錐心卻值得,名副其實的迷魂記。
  • 愛希治閣的人同時愛林夕會是另一個情感層面,王菲的迷魂記、梅豔芳的電話謀殺案、楊千嬅的閃靈一句「不記得你最愛看的希治閣,有沒有真正給我驚嚇或娛樂」,令我也不知道跟我看過迷魂記的你有沒有覺得驚嚇或娛樂。

A history of horror in film

People have always enjoyed the thrill of feeling afraid as a form of entertainment. You only have to think of the monsters and ghouls passed down from the Ancient Greek mythology and medieval fables to know that this is the case. 932 more words

And Now For Something Completely Different

Killer Seagulls Are Terrorizing Animals in the U.K. and Experts Fear a Baby Might Be Next

Seaside residents in the U.K. are being warned to keep a keen eye on young children after a spate of seagull attacks have picked off an array of worryingly large animals. 224 more words

The Birds: Meeting Alfred Hitchcock

I was saying to myself that I haven’t written a movie review on my blog since a long time. I mean, a movie review that is not due for a blogathon. 1,872 more words

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A Day In the Life: Never take a cat to the drive-in

Here is another post from my A Day in the Life Series about growing up with a mom who had paranoid schizophrenia.

To celebrate this hot summer day, my favorite time of year, this post is about some of the great times we had in those carefree months of the year when school was out and our thoughts shifted to fireflies and back flips off the diving board. 399 more words

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