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100 Days of Happiness: Day 9

100 Days of Happiness: Day 9

I hate birds.
I hate flying things.
I hate flying birds that could actually peck you to death.
This image below sums up what goes through my head every time I have to walk past a pigeon or a seagull. 264 more words


The Death of Grass, No Blade of Grass, and Just a Single Blade

Post-apocalyptic fiction has been a popular genre for decades and, growing up as a fan of science fiction, fantasy and horror, I was never far from one example of it or another. 1,204 more words


Best Writing (Adapted): 1963

Official Nominations: Tom Jones. Lillies Of The Field.  Captain Newman MD. Hud. Sundays And Cybele (magically appearing two years in a row).

My Winner: Hud… 137 more words

The Oscars

Chapter 12: The Birds

I was screaming for her.

Nana, she won’t come. She can’t hear me. But I cried my lungs out as I shouted louder. It was getting hot and no one’s answering my plea, until I tried to call them. 3,664 more words

Andy Lee

The Birds, The Birds, and No More Birds

In early April I’m releasing another ebook into the wild, Volume 2 of my Dark Matters series. It’s called ABSENCES, and as with most of the titles I’ve published this year, it contains a pair of themed stories. 891 more words


The Birds Are Silent!

The eclipse was something not to be missed, and as luck would have it the skies over the Moorlands were (for once) clear enough to view  a celestial event! 227 more words


Scarface Set For Remake

Universal Studios are surging forward with their plans to remake the classic gangster flick ‘Scarface’. The project has now signed up ‘Straight Outta Compton’ writer Jonathan Herman to pen the script. 105 more words