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Black Skies Matter

North America’s partially total solar eclipse isn’t due until Monday August 21st, but it seems as though our avian wildlife already knows what’s coming.  I say that because the birds in these here parts are already exhibiting anomalous behavior 48 hours in advance, on Saturday afternoon.  408 more words

New Version Of "The Birds" On The Way From The BBC

One of my fave all-time movies is Alfred Hitchcock’s The Birds—and so I was extremely excited to find out that the BBC is planning to do a TV revival of it… 122 more words


Alfred Hitchcock's The Birds Arriving on Television

It has been announced that the BBC is making an adaptation of Alfred Hitchcock’s 1963 film, The Birds. The television series, instead of being set in Northern California, will be set in rural Cornwall, according to the BBC report, and will feature a village being attacked by flocks of birds. 97 more words

TV News

BBC set to remake Alfred Hitchcock's The Birds

I’ll say it now – although one of his most iconic, The Birds isn’t one of favourite Alfred Hitchcock films. Released in 1963 and based on a story by Daphne du Maurier, it starred Tippi Hedren and Rod Taylor and… well, I’m sure you know the story by now. 154 more words

British Crime Drama

BBC Planning Tv Version Of Hitchcock's Classic, The Birds

The BBC is set to remake one of Alfred Hitchcock’s most known films, The Birds into a TV drama, with some differences.

The 1963 flick starred Tippi Hedren as Melanie Daniels, a wealthy socialite who follows a potential boyfriend to a small town where Birds start terrorising residents. 117 more words


Wrist to Hitchcock

It is Alfred Hitchcock’s birthday, August 13.  Steven and I had hoped to watch an Alfred Hitchcock movie when we got home tonight, but it seems that will not work out.   188 more words


Happy Birthday Hitchcock!

If you have ever watched the original Psycho, or The Birds, or Rebecca (preferably alone on a stormy night, with all your doors bolted) you know what it is to experience Alfred Hitchcock at his best. 1,687 more words

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