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Final Design

Our final costume design has been completed!!

By presenting our final design, we came across a few problems. For example, the most major one for us was the weight of the cloak. 162 more words

The Birds

Making our Costume

We were each assigned a part of the outfit to make.
Jas and Jess made the cloak

Annie made the dress

I made the mask… 527 more words

The Birds

Group Work

It was decided in our group of 4 that we would all collaborate our ideas together, as we each liked a particular element of each others chosen designs. 92 more words

The Birds


The design which i felt most passionate about was the Hoopoe as i felt that i could experiment the most with his costume. I therefore took his design the furthest onto the mannequin, where i used tissue paper to express my design. 154 more words

The Birds

Costume Design

From the research i collected, I then preceded to design 3 costumes, based on separate characters from Aristophanes play. I chose to do the Hoopoe, the Nightingale and the Flamingo as these characters were the most interesting to me, both in how they acted and also the type of costumes they were described to be wearing. 557 more words

The Birds


I started off by researching the likes of Da Vinci and Michelangelo’s drawing of the anatomy, not just human but birds as well. I gathered data on their earliest drawings of birds which included the wing structure and how the feathers covered the wing, but also plumage, claws and beaks. 188 more words

The Birds

Introduction to Aristophanes, The Birds

By working with Aristophanes play: The Birds, we will design a series of costumes both on paper and in 1/4 scale model form. Therefore, we will gain an understanding of the historical, contextual, and design principles relating to period costume design. 26 more words

The Birds