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The Birds - A British Beat Group featuring a young Ronnie Wood.

I saw Ronnie featured on the One Show yesterday and it took me back.

Ronnie is releasing a book of his diaries from the beginning. He started off in a Beat Group called the Birds before moving on to the Faces and then the Stones. 241 more words


Hungarian Filmmaker Komel Mundruczo’s “White God”

My interest in Muncruczo’s film White God was piqued when I read its positive review in the Arena section of WSJ a few months ago. I do not remember exactly what it said, but I remember a steal shot from the film of hundreds of dogs running on a city street in a rather organized manner. 709 more words


Top Ten Tuesdays - Alfred Hitchcock

Alfred Hitchcock is the greatest director of all time; that is a fact. No other director can equal both the critical and commercial success he had with the cultural impact and influence on other filmmakers. 2,742 more words


The Birds (1963)

Director: Alfred Hitchcock

Cast: Tippi Hedren, Rod Taylor, Suzanne Pleshette

This weekend, we had the chance to a give a classic film, Alfred Hitchcock’s The Birds,  311 more words


The Birds

The Birds

For the first time watching “The Birds”…This movie makes no sense!lol…They stay outside all the time “Oh we heard an explosions, miles away, we should go outside…Were the birds are” But then they don’t want to leave because the birds are massing outside…Even though they’ve pretty much spent the entire time outside up until that point. 106 more words

Random Thoughts

Changing Direction

Everyone knows that your twenties are the most confusing and challenging decade of your life. There are multitudes of movies, books, and articles written about the journey a twenty-something faces to overcome their obstacles and become the person they were supposed to be. 410 more words