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Review: Ithaca's Trespassers

London-based mathcore lunatics Ithaca have returned for their long-awaited second EP Trespassers. If you’re unfamiliar with the band’s work then imagine The Bled and Botch got moshier and you’re pretty much there. 359 more words


10 Fall Records

When initially planning a special fall entry, I was torn between wanting to focus on film or music. Coincidentally, I recently wound up in a conversation with a friend about records that reminded us of fall, and was inspired to choose something trickier than a few quick horror movie write-ups. 1,401 more words


Scary Kids Scaring Kids Vocalist Tyson Stevens Dead at 29

Former vocalist of the post-hardcore band Scary Kids Scaring Kids, Tyson Stevens, was found dead in his apartment by girlfriend Sabrina Amber.

Stevens had just celebrated his 29th birthday this past September. 331 more words

The last two photos are to capture the awkward moment, when the singer rolled around on the ground screaming (affectionately call the butt-crack one ‘spiritual gass’). 42 more words

RCGB #1 The Bled: Found in the Flood

Out of the darkness, my hand rose, clutching a plastic square that shimmered forth in the sunlight.

In layman’s terms, I had chosen my first CD. 1,269 more words


The Bled-Silent Treatment

Clean singing and impassioned screaming have always presented an interesting dynamic in music. Clean vocals allow for the instruments in a song to start off slowly, building up to a frenetic break where the screaming comes in and introduces cacophony into something that started off so soothing. 811 more words

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