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Prepared for the Anointing?


In the film Facing the Giants, the head football coach at Shiloh High accidently walks by a private meeting to oust him as coach.  Devastated by this revelation, a conversation with the janitor the next day changes his perspective.  303 more words


God's Blessings are for YOU!

Have you ever felt as though God’s favor and blessings are for everyone else and not accessible to you? Well, Jesus stated that what he does for one, he will do for the other! 159 more words


Sword of Light


  1. ask and it will be received
  2. the world is the child that hears from the Mother
  3. .the Mother is their first forever.
  4. 137 more words
The Platinum Dragon

Milk and Honey Dew

the right is fallen without head of a horn and the light of its sky opens with milk and honeydew and the sky’s open from under and above for life in substantial meaning.

The Blessing

Who Knows Heaven?

Jesus Christ is the Savior and the Hand of God to knowing and from blessing.

The Blessing

White Sands

a fifth perished in the city of crosses by the father and his twin daughters who also fell below sacrificial age and carried their own cross, up the hill of shame and down into the… 247 more words

A New Garden

7.2 Million people have watched this video...and you should too

Dads our impact is more than we think. Don’t believe me? Check out this link (http://fathers.com/wp39/wp-content/uploads/2015/07/fatherlessInfographic.pdf).  Yesterday I preached to dads, especially on how to bless your kids. 90 more words