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THE BLOG: "What If?" - Lamenting Pixar's Case of Sequel-itis

For the longest time, Pixar was hailed as the next Disney. They were new, their stories were fresh, and they could do no wrong. People, even some I knew, called John Lasseter the next Walt Disney. 1,168 more words

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The Blog: In Which I Attend My First Comic Con

Grand Rapids Comic Con, to be exact.

I know what you’re thinking: an animation fanatic who’d never been to a fan convention? Well, we all have to go to a Con for the first time, and now that I actually had the means to transport myself to one, I was beyond excited to spend a whole day in the presence of my fellow geeks. 728 more words

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THE BLOG: The Time I Wrote an Essay on How to Train Your Dragon 2...and the Director Read It

Welcome to the first installment of the DDP Etc Blog! Here I will have more casual discussions about my personal thoughts on the world of animation as well as some of my memorable experiences with it. 895 more words

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