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The Narina of shopping...

That’s right i went to Ikea!!!

I know, I know! A lot of you will be disappointed.

I did it, I stood in a queue for 10 minutes to fulfil my Ikea fix. 529 more words

The Blog Part

When you start to see yourself differently.

Something I’m bad at doing.

Everyone will agree at some point in their lives they’ve looked in the mirror and though “gosh darnet when did I get this fat?”, or “is that how I really look?”. 582 more words

The Blog Part

Long Time No Write!

But I’m back baby.

As i never intended to ever make money from my online ramblings, this gives me a bit of freedom to write as and when i feel it. 277 more words

The Blog Part

The collaboration!!!..

That’s right its finally here. Or at least part 1

So as we promised me and the famed kyraisme blogger and good friend/asylum chum, have finally got together part 1. 1,132 more words

The Blog Part

What I've Been Doing While In Quarantine

And you can do it too!

I really can’t believe how long we’ve been quarantined for. So much time has gone by that I really am just stuck in my routine now. 935 more words

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A walk in the wild.

That’s right, I left my house and it wasn’t for more beer or wine.

Beautiful right? That park is literally 5-minute walk from my house. Yet this was my first visit. 380 more words

The Blog Part

Being productive... and it went right?!

I know im as shocked as you! No disasters, so far!

We have seen my track record of DIY, ill prepared, barrels in without a second thought. 349 more words

The Blog Part