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Round Robin

Most novels have an easily understood point to make to the reader, do your stories ever have more subtle or intuitive themes?

This month’s question contains an assumption – Novels have an easily understood point. 326 more words

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Thought for the Day: The Misses Hurt

“You always miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.” Wayne Gretzky

It’s hard to win if you’re not in the game. Right? That’s the same concept as missing the shots you don’t take. 238 more words

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Monthly Group: Birthday One-Shot

In honor of the birthday of one of our number, our group changed it up and one of the players DM while the rest played. 965 more words

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The world can’t afford entrepreneurial extinction

Contributed by Pam Kosanke, global marketing leader for EOS Worldwide.

We’ve seen more than our share of changes in the last six months, but one of the most disturbing has been the rapid disappearance of small businesses. 906 more words

Thought for the Day: We are Always Changing

“You don’t need to change anything. You simply need to understand that the world is changing, and, if you don’t change with it, the world will decide that it doesn’t need you anymore.” – Dan Brown… 104 more words

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So frankly, I didn’t get a whole lot accomplished this week. Sue me it’s been a busy week.

That said, I did get a couple of notable miniatures finished painted. 50 more words

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The need for diversity and inclusion remains

Here’s a fact: No matter how diverse or inclusive you believe your organization is, there is always more work to be done.

As you hire new staff members… 840 more words