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Hi guys!

Somos três amigas com uma paixão em comum: “Hi Fashion”. Iremos postar diversas coisas que podem vos ajudar no vosso dia-a-dia, tendências, curiosidades, enfim, de tudo um pouco! 33 more words


In California

Once upon a time, Sarah and I both lived in the same place. For the first year of this blog we were both in Minnesota, and oh, those were good times. 138 more words

The Bloggers


Today we’re over at the Read Aloud Revival podcast chatting with Sarah Mackenzie about reading with toddlers! Hop on over to hear what we sound like in real life, and if you’re not already familiar with that podcast you’re in for a real treat. 333 more words

The Bloggers

Me, in Books (the Sarah version)

Like Haley, I’ve been doing a little poking around and updating (including my About page, in which my then-unborn son makes nary an appearance). And like Haley, I decided to try and compose a “me-in-books” stack.  335 more words

The Bloggers

Kindergarten at Home

We’re a few months into my daughter’s kindergarten-at-home experience and I’m happy to report that thus far we are all still alive and well.  :)  I like to say that our version of kindergarten is low key and high joy, and most days that’s an apt description of what’s going on at our house. 250 more words

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The Knuckle Puck Bloggers

DAVID TRAUNERO – Head Blogger, Hockey Forum Hoverer, and Sports Marketing Student

Passionate sports fan as well as a self proclaimed fantasy sport guru that throws a below average change up. 44 more words

The Bloggers

Me, in Books (the Haley version)

I’ve been poking around the blog a bit lately, tweaking and updating things here and there.  We’d love to do more of an overhaul but, well, neither one of us is particularly tech savvy so this format is probably here to stay for the time being. 282 more words

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