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Domingo, the idealist

When I was still young. I begin to imagine what kind of person, I would like to be. When I was born. My mother loves me so much and she provides important things that I need. 204 more words

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Renzelle, the precious gift

My existence was not planned and unexpected. A mistake? Definitely not, a blessing instead. On the 4th day of November, year 2000, my 20 year-old single mother experienced difficulty in giving me birth. 635 more words

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God is good all the time

I was born on December 15 1999, I am very lucky and happy because I had a chance to experience what life is, I promised to my self that I will help my parents when I grow up. 189 more words

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Marvie, the talented girl

On the 13th day of March, Year 2000 in Sagrada Viga, Catanduanes, I was born. A cute baby with a curly hair named Marvie Camacho Ogalesco. 381 more words

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Eduard, the lover

Long time ago, a baby was born on April 05,2000 and named Edward Aguilar. I was taken care by my family. That is why my family is very important for me. 216 more words

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Love conquers fear, injustice, and impatient. It is a simple thing, but it can change the world. A world full of hunger, war, and chaos. But, before it can be fulfilled. 478 more words

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Aloha, Gamers!

Before we get started with all the juicy details of our gaming adventures, we bloggers would like to take a moment to introduce ourselves to you! 359 more words