Some background on the world of the Witch

I thought I might start posting a little bit about the background to the world of the Witch, and of Glenaster and its surroundings.

The story originally grew from another “high” fantasy tale I was working on, which grew increasingly convoluted and sprawling, to the point where in the end I abandoned it. 274 more words

Sword and Citadel, by Gene Wolfe

I’ve been thinking now for more than a week about what I want to say about Sword and Citadel, the second half of The Book of the New Sun… 849 more words

Book Reviews

Severian the Torturer - Book of the New Sun fan art

Severian, an apprentice turned journeyman of the Order of the Seekers for Truth and Penitence, commonly known as the torturer’s guild of the Citadel begins his coming-of-age journey equipped with two items entrusted to him by his Master. 83 more words


strange cities, stranger selves

“The brown book I carry says there is nothing stranger than to explore a city wholly different from all those one knows, since to do so is to explore a second and unsuspected self. 33 more words