Reading The Shadow of the Torturer - Chapter VIII: The Conversationalist

SYNOPSIS: Severian continues his friendship with the imprisoned Thecla. Roche, on orders from Master Gurloes, takes Severian out to a brothel, evidently to help prevent the possibility of his relationship with Thecla becoming sexual. 497 more words

Pop Culture And Its Discontents

Reading The Shadow of the Torturer - Chapter VI: The Traitress

SYNOPSIS: Severian delivers books to the Chatelaine Thecla, currently being held by the Torturers. Thecla is the sister of Thea (who has absconded with Vodalus) and is being used as a bargaining chip by the Autarch. 757 more words

A Few of My Favourite Things: The Book Of The New Sun

The Book of the New Sun is a four-part novel chronicling the journeys of a professional torturer through a post-historical Urth so old that its sun is threatened with extinction. 222 more words


Game of Shout-outs

Game of Thrones is a class act. Yes, the show is so eager to display the naked female form engaged in sexual acts whenever possible that I sometimes think Paul Verhoeven took over the camera to make a medieval version of… 228 more words

The Reading Life

Retrospeculative View, 1980

Some of the short fiction of 1980:

The Cloak and the Staff, by Gordon R. Dickson, which won the Hugo Award for best novelette (1981) 1,664 more words

Retrospeculative Views

Text And Hypertext

The distinction between texts and hypertexts as I am using the terms may be a fine one. In a sense, no work is a text and not a hypertext; by its nature, all text enables the reader to approach the work from the directions chosen by the reader. 291 more words