Book Review: The Shadow of the Torturer by Gene Wolfe (The Book of the New Sun #1)

I have received many recommendations to read the Book of the New Sun by Gene Wolfe over the last year and I finally got around to giving it a shot. 743 more words

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The Citadel of the Autarch (Book of the New Sun #4) (1983) by Gene Wolfe

… in which a hero goes on a dreamlike journey… to find a shirt…

Rajan Khanna, at Lit Reactor, calls it “fractal.” Peter Wright, at Ultan’s Library, says… 1,554 more words

Science Fiction

Reading The Shadow of the Torturer - Chapter VIII: The Conversationalist

SYNOPSIS: Severian continues his friendship with the imprisoned Thecla. Roche, on orders from Master Gurloes, takes Severian out to a brothel, evidently to help prevent the possibility of his relationship with Thecla becoming sexual. 497 more words

Pop Culture And Its Discontents

Reading The Shadow of the Torturer - Chapter VI: The Traitress

SYNOPSIS: Severian delivers books to the Chatelaine Thecla, currently being held by the Torturers. Thecla is the sister of Thea (who has absconded with Vodalus) and is being used as a bargaining chip by the Autarch. 757 more words

A Few of My Favourite Things: The Book Of The New Sun

The Book of the New Sun is a four-part novel chronicling the journeys of a professional torturer through a post-historical Urth so old that its sun is threatened with extinction. 222 more words


Game of Shout-outs

Game of Thrones is a class act. Yes, the show is so eager to display the naked female form engaged in sexual acts whenever possible that I sometimes think Paul Verhoeven took over the camera to make a medieval version of… 228 more words

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