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The Book Thief.


This book really had me in tears, the book thief centre’s around Liesel Meminger, a nine year old girl living in Germany during WWII. Her experience throughout the story is narrated by death, who in the beginning of the book describes both the beauty and destruction of life in this era. 194 more words


Arrival on Himmel Street + Growing up a Saumensch

In the first chapter of the book, arrival on Himmel street, it starts off by telling the reader about the death of the little boy, who is the book thief’s brother, it also reveals her name, Liesel Meminger.  235 more words

The Book Thief

Re-Read, Or Move On?

Basically, I have a ridiculously long TBR now, as I’m sure many of you guys do as well, and it just keeps expanding as I buy even more books… 295 more words


Historical Teens

I love stories about life. I don’t action, adventure or fantasy. Just give me every day life, tell what you had for breakfast or what your job was like. 507 more words

The Book Thief: Review

The Book Thief by Markus Zusak is a great novel about the kind of experiences and sights seen by a foster child in World War II with a Jew in their basement. 47 more words


The Book Thief– Book Review

Hullo Readers! 

I present to you another quick (not so much so) book review because I’ll be having my exams soon, and being a newbie, I just wanted to build a base here. 466 more words


Book Review: The Book Thief

I would say that this is a pretty well known book and I hate myself for waiting so long to read it. For some reason I thought the book was something completely other than what it is so I was never interested. 366 more words