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The current status

In case you are curious about my whereabouts these days, with holidays and internships taking a toll in our lives (no? Good!), I am here to tell you my current status on the earth. 562 more words

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Understanding your Friends. With love.

I should probably be the very last person on earth to talk about understanding other people. But, nevertheless, here I am, not trying to preach you lot, but to share what I have experienced. 709 more words

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DAV Diaries: The Twinkling Stars

Your password please, asked Vasudha. Angels and feathers, I answered. Good, she said, impressed.

I forgot my password all the time. It was not like I wasn’t serious about the whole thing. 596 more words

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I am just ranting

Sometimes I wonder what am I gonna do with my life?? I mean, I am impulsive, moody, skeptic (reasonable also), who would hire me? Or, do I want to be hired? 405 more words

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Pray for me. Please...

The uncertainty of life is a strange thing… Sometimes you think you know what it and most times, you don’t think about it. Why? May be, you don’t want to. 243 more words

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Nothing is forever. Nothing.

 Let me start from the beginning. And that is, nearly two years back, when we first came to Hyderabad. I was the sulky, bored and living, what you can call, perhaps the most non-happening part of my life. 955 more words

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Finally hit the gym!

I am becoming FAT!

I was born over weight and it has been 19 years since then that I have been bawling about it. I was never too fat, but never optimum either. 601 more words

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