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Spring in the D

I wasn’t doing anything today and the SUN WAS SHINING so we – my daughter and I – headed to Midtown for lunch and some shopping. 393 more words


Much a to do about nothing

So we are at the end of a shocking week when we found out that some very dodgy characters did some very dodgy things to try and hide their possibly ill gotten gains.   593 more words


Review concert: Simple Plan + The Bottom Line + Ghost Town @ L'Aéronef (16.03.16)

Mercredi 16 mars, journée très froide comme d’habitude dans le nord de la France; Mais plus pour très longtemps car ce soir, nos québécois préférés… 1,033 more words


Simple Plan

This is the first gig that I have been to on my own and, whilst originally being nervous, a lot of things happened before and during the gig that put me at ease. 630 more words


To Harm or Not to Harm: HR and The Bottom Line

The work atmosphere in organizations nowadays is rapidly changing and evolving, especially with the introduction of cutting edge technology and globalization. These conspiring factors seem to have blasted a variety industries into a competitive whirlwind where getting a leg up on opponents is the key to success and survival. 1,103 more words

What's Your Opinion On iPhone Encyrption?

Donald Trump Says – Break Into The Phone….

View my interview with FoxNews and Let us know what you think….

David Stelzl

Should Apple Open the IPhone?

The Apple Encryption Dilemma  is a Bigger Issue Than Most Think…

Yesterday FOX News Interviewed Me on The Apple Phone Issue…Watch The Video!

The VIDEO REPLY (CLICK) 444 more words

David Stelzl