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Another Face Book Post; Rebel

Miguel Angel Oquendo

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Yes rebel against the Void.
Don’t be satisfied with the meager life, banner the Void has outfitted you to wave. 277 more words

Horror Halloween Bash 2016 Opener


Hello Everyone welcome to the 2016 Horror Halloween Bash event and this events opener and for this opener we are showcasing one of our pages: … 513 more words


How Much Does Cord-Cutting Actually Cost Big Cable?

Cord-cutting is, as we know, a real trend. It’s not what the majority of viewers do — huge numbers of consumers subscribe to cable, satellite, or fiber TV service — but it’s definitely on the rise. 475 more words

What Makes Good Security?

This Week’s Lesson on Good Security

Physical and digital security aren’t that far apart in principle. This week’s attacks on NY and NJ are another reminder that we need better security.   370 more words

David Stelzl

The Catholic Bottom Line - Part IV

Church law requires only cardinals to elect the pope, but it’s by Divine right that Peter has successors. [1]

Professor and Cardinal Louis Billot, S.J. taught, “When it would be necessary to proceed with the election, if it is impossible to follow the regulations of papal law, as was the case during the Great Western Schism, one can accept, without difficulty, that the power of election could be transferred to a General Council…Because natural law prescribes that, in such cases, the power of a superior is passed to the immediate inferior because this is absolutely necessary for the survival of the society and to avoid the tribulations of extreme need.” ( 44 more words


Mario Week: Mario Bros.

Mario Bros.


Hello everyone For this event and for BLS we are going to do something different! This article is going to be mostly in the video because there’s not too much I want to add here from… 353 more words