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The Bottom Line is: Myspace should be stripped from existence

We millennials who grew up with the great technological privileges that most 2 year old children have waiting at their finger tips as soon as they are able to say they’re first words. 787 more words

'Jagged Little Pill' Gets 20th-Anniversary Reissue, Featuring Previously Unreleased Demos

It’s been 20 years since the release of Alanis Morrisette’s era-defining Jagged Little Pill, and it seems that with this anniversary, the craggy diminutive capsule is getting polished:  281 more words


The Best iPhone 6 Battery Case

Even though iPhone battery life improves with every iteration, many users still find it nearly impossible to get through a full day without needing to recharge the battery. 1,342 more words


The Story of a Lion and a Gazelle

In the deep dark bushes of Africa, everyday, when the sun rises…. a gazelle wakes up and thinks that he has to run faster than the fastest lion in the jungle to protect himself from being caught and preyed. 63 more words

Bitter Truth


Deep Web is a fascinating look at the darkest reaches of the internet that most people never see, but I didn’t realize that the film would focus almost all of its runtime on just one aspect of it. 173 more words

The Bottom Line


I saw this at a packed house with tons of kids, and by the time it was over, I think I enjoyed this film more than they did. 254 more words

The Bottom Line

THE BOTTOM LINE REVIEW: Kumiko the Treasure Hunter (2015)

What initially sounded like a clever and intriguing premise, Kumiko the Treasure Hunter moves at a snail’s pace to deliver a story that felt very flat and ultimately uninteresting, concluding with an ending that felt like I completely wasted my time with this film. 27 more words

The Bottom Line