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The Story of a Lion and a Gazelle

In the deep dark bushes of Africa, everyday, when the sun rises…. a gazelle¬†wakes up and thinks that he has to run faster than the fastest lion in the jungle to protect himself from being caught and preyed. 63 more words

Bitter Truth


Deep Web is a fascinating look at the darkest reaches of the internet that most people never see, but I didn’t realize that the film would focus almost all of its runtime on just one aspect of it. 173 more words

The Bottom Line


I saw this at a packed house with tons of kids, and by the time it was over, I think I enjoyed this film more than they did. 254 more words

The Bottom Line

THE BOTTOM LINE REVIEW: Kumiko the Treasure Hunter (2015)

What initially sounded like a clever and intriguing premise, Kumiko the Treasure Hunter moves at a snail’s pace to deliver a story that felt very flat and ultimately uninteresting, concluding with an ending that felt like I completely wasted my time with this film. 27 more words

The Bottom Line


The bottom line is that even if there is hardship in Greece,Greeks still live there, while the Germans have to go back to… Germany… sorry Germans. 103 more words

THE BOTTOM LINE REVIEW: While We're Young (2015)

A timely look at the generational divide between the 20-somethings and 40-somethings of today, including a somewhat ridiculous examination of hipster culture. Occasionally “comical” but never truly funny, I can’t say I enjoyed While We’re Young, but I found that it did offer a few interesting twists and pose some interesting points before devolving into a typical, run-of-the-mill romantic comedy of sorts. 39 more words

The Bottom Line


While it offers an interesting take on protecting children from the harms of society and the notion of culture shaping one’s knowledge — more directly, the nature vs. 121 more words

The Bottom Line