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On iamamiwhoami

This sounds like a bigger deal than it is but the truth of the matter is that I’m sleepy and I have no better ideas for a blog post at 11 pm. 229 more words


Your Guide to Hiking the Devil's Marbleyard (plus some misadventures)

Hey guys, here’s the first post for the new blog. Enjoy!

Welcome to the very first adventure post of this blog. Or, as the case may be, misadventure post. 132 more words

On eating

While I wouldn’t say that I have an eating disorder, I’ve definitely suffered from disordered eating on and off throughout my life. When I was little I couldn’t bring myself to eat breakfast if I had to leave early for school (I still have issues eating before 8 am) and for a semester in high school I only ate dinner and somehow survived on… teenage aggression for the rest of the day? 292 more words


On anniversaries

Today was the one year anniversary with the boyfriend. Well, sort of. Neither of us is the romantic type and it’s difficult enough to tell when we actually got together as a couple, since we originally met on Tinder. 366 more words


On happy birthdays

I turned 32 a couple of days ago and as a great gift to me from the universe, I came down with a cold which essentially meant that any plans I had of celebrating my birthday, my mom’s birthday (two days before mine) or Easter went down the drain. 234 more words


The Boyfriend - Karen Tidwell

Author Karen Tidwell shared the information for her latest book with us. It seems like an intense read!

Lauren, a family law paralegal, leads a quiet life until her boss takes a new client with a history of abuse at the hands of her husband.

120 more words
All Things Writing

Can I Get An Amen?

A few weeks ago, I was with a good friend who has been married TO THE SAME PERSON for almost thirty years. As jaded and cynical as I am at times, I love hearing  the “How We Met”  stories and seeing how some of their faces still light up when they talk about their first encounter. 514 more words