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The Boys from Brazil

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The Boys from Brazil


Franklin J. Schaffner


  • Gregory Peck as Dr. Josef Mengele
  • Laurence Olivier as Ezra Lieberman
  • James Mason as Eduard Seibert…
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Quickie Review: The Boys From Brazil (1978)

The Boys From Brazil is an odd movie in that it brings together a number of topics that seem to have been in the air at the time of its development. 443 more words


The Boys from Brazil (1978)

Barry Kohler (Steve Guttenberg) is in Paraguay, where he’s discovered a group of war criminals of the Third Reich holding secret meetings, led by the infamous… 628 more words


Book Review: The Boys from Brazil by Ira Levin

Spoiler warning!

I’ve heard of this book before but mainly in the context of the movie, which I haven’t seen, it turns out I was totally in the dark as Ira Levin was a bit of a hit machine back in the day with three of his books getting adapted for the big screen in the 60s and 70s- The Stepford Wives, Rosemary’s Baby and this one, so clearly the guy knew how to have brilliant ideas. 619 more words