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The Break Up Phase No One Warned You About

As if breakups weren’t hard enough, there is a new phase added in between the “sweatpants and wine” phase and the “hallelujah, I’m free” phase. You can no longer wipe your hands clean of a past boyfriend without reliving every romantic and stupidly cheesy moment you had together via the digital time capsule of doom—social media. 373 more words

No One Ever Said it Was Easy

My ex and I are in the same city this summer. As the school year came to a close, I couldn’t imagine a greater birthday present. 1,467 more words

The Break Up

When He Leaves You Heartbroken

I had almost forgotten what heartbreak felt like.

I watched my gaunt face in the mirror echo the ghost of a smile that didn’t really stay long enough. 408 more words

The Other Woman

The first time you hear about your ex flirting with another person SUCKS. It sucks to think that they could have moved on from you already, especially if you haven’t moved on yet. 839 more words

The Break Up

Time *Can* Heal All Wounds

It has been 13 days since my ex and I broke up. Think about 13 days for a minute and all the things that can happen in them. 972 more words

The Break Up

The Best Friends Guide to Break Up's

The break up… It’s something we have all gone through and a time when you really need your friends …to well say all the right things! 728 more words


Breaking the drought

She figured that they’d wanted to fuck for years. It was never the right timing. Except for that one time when it was, but that was a decade ago… funny how as they aged, things were measured not in months or years but groupings of ten years. 1,662 more words

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