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The Day My Heart Broke

It had been a few months, and I knew something had changed.  I didn’t want to believe it, I couldn’t bare the thought.  I tried to explain his behaviour away, tried to think that perhaps our problems were circumstantial, and that we would soon overcome the rough patch.  164 more words


Letting Go

Heavenly Father

BE BRAVE – LET GO! Lord there will come in a time in our lives when it’s time to let go and walk away from something or someone. 299 more words


The Break Up! 

This video is a monologue about a girl telling her boyfriend how she feels after him telling her, “it’s time to break up”.


Am I Too Messy or Is She Too Clean?

A common argument between two cohabitants, often leading to nagging, quarrelling, frustration, resentment and all too often, an ending to the otherwise harmonious relationship.

Firstly, let me focus this post carefully and deliberately… 773 more words

Dysfunctional Relationships

Birthday's that End in a Zero

Waking up this morning on the eve of turning 30 I couldn’t help but naturally think about the previous 29 years leading up to this point. 2,630 more words

Sean Callahan

In The Desperate Hour

Oblivious. That’s what I was the first time I let him climb my back. I wasn’t aware of his commitment to another man. Why would I? 579 more words

Atlanta Dating Black Gay Men

The Simi-Perfection of 'The Break-Up'

When you hear something is a Romantic Comedy, you expect a happy ending. What I both love and hate about The Break-Up – SPOILER ALERT –  is that the couple doesn’t wind up together. 522 more words