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Entering the Palace of the King

It’s a love song . . . says so in the introduction. It anticipates a wedding, a royal wedding, where a king in his splendor and majesty receives a bride in all her beauty. 526 more words


The Magnificent Pursuit

He watched intently, wordlessly, as they departed the sacred Garden where all of them had walked together.  There they had communed, talking, laughing and celebrating each other’s presence, while Spirit-breeze, the Ruarch, gently caressed their faces and the sunset marked the end of another perfect day in Eden.  1,523 more words

Bread For The Bride

Everybody Got A Hungry Heart

Within the recesses of the human heart there is a gnawing hunger common to all humanity.  Whether one is unschooled or highly educated, whether we live in the lap of luxury or in a grass hut, whether we feast at kings’ tables or scratch for roots and berries, the hunger in our… 1,399 more words

Bread For The Bride

Intimacy, Love and the Glory of God

Only God’s Light knows us, even in the hidden corners of our hearts. He loves us anyway because He knows our end from the beginning and the power of the cross of Christ to get us there. 2,335 more words

Abiding IN Christ

Women And Priesthood

Some of you may be aware that for the last two and a half years I, along with three other women bloggers, have been involved in a joint project-blog called… 1,700 more words

Bread For The Bride

I Went To Church Today ...

I went to church today.  It’s been 5 months since I’ve attended a church service.

In 2016 I wrestled a lot with the idea of ‘church’.   1,600 more words

Does God Call Me to Belong to a Local Church where the Word of God is not being Taught?

“Does God call me to belong to a local church where the Word of God is not being taught?” That was one of the questions I have often been asked. 1,887 more words