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A Crucified Man

As a follow up to yesterday’s post David Bolton at Christ Centred Christianity kindly found this Vimeo video of Graham Kendrick’s moving song.   Thanks David!  Enjoy!

A Crucified Man

Bread For The Bride

From The Archives: In The Company of Fools

Atheism is popular right now.  Being offended at Christianity, and in particular ‘born again’ Christians, is becoming topical among many authors, intellectuals, journalists and social commentators.  781 more words

Bread For The Bride

What Is Church? - Part 3

The Body and The Bride…

Recap: Over the past two weeks we have seen how the Bible teaches us that a church is not a building but a group of followers of Jesus. 2,368 more words

Christ is the answer!

The attack in Garissa University earlier this month left many of us that are affected directly or indirectly with many unanswered questions. There was much pain and heartache at different levels and for this my prayer for peace and strength goes to God especially for the families and friends of the victims. 491 more words


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I want to share with you a recent post by my friend Patrick Maina in Nairobi, Kenya. The word he shares here and the moving video need to be heard and seen by all who seek to follow Christ. We deal on a daily basis with our own set of circumstances, but this post and video spell out the reality of our deepest identity. The apostle Paul said we are a people who 'as dying, yet behold we live'. There are those who call us the people of the Cross, and so we are. But we are also the people of the Resurrection. Whether our lives are personally threatened or not, let us live out the Love that is stronger than any hatred and let us carry the Light of that unrelenting Love into every dark and evil place. Death has been swallowed up in victory. In Him is Life, and the Life is the (only) Light of mankind.

The Secret to Banishing the Worst Wrinkles

Wrinkles are adorable on butterball babies, but they cease to look cute as we get older.

That’s why I like to wear big necklaces. As Olympic champion figure skater and film star Sonja Henie once said, … 516 more words

Holy Living

Shining Light on Homosexuality

The holy scriptures teach us that the Creator is love. This means that true love is spiritual. True love, being spiritual, is greater than physical things. 936 more words


Marriage & Christ

Any time you enter into a relationship with someone, it alters your life.

When I married Mary, my life changed forever. My time, my efforts, my thoughts and feelings, all began to gravitate towards her. 415 more words