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Something unexpected and inexplicable

Something happened to me recently that has left me quite pleased and appreciative of the touch of the divine. To me, it’s another affirmation that God is real and helps. 570 more words

The Bride

The coming sychronisation of heaven's and earth's clocks

Coming the day after I’d briefly commented upon having heard back in 2009 “This is All about to be fulfilled”, these two dreams recounted by Veronika West are, in my humble opinion, quite exceptional: 1,065 more words


Filibustering to prevent real discussions

The police, no doubt, demonstrated their abilities at crowd-control at the Bersih5 rally. They kept both asides apart and maintained peace and order. But, what did they prove by making all those arrests prior to the rally? 728 more words

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Like, Everyone's Tired Of the Beats ok

I wish I were a sweet
Somnambulant blonde
With friends in spades,
Waist like the middle of
A pointy carrot
Cheeks hollow but rosy
Lips that gloss on their own… 246 more words

The Infamous Question

As I kicked up my feet tonight after a 14 hour day, I started reflecting a bit. And as I poured myself a bowl of cereal and a cocktail (I swear I don’t eat like a college kid when my husband is home), I started thinking more about my job in general. 466 more words

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The lesson from Trump's win

Now that the reverberations from Donald Trump’s shock win of the US presidency are more or less piping down — except for some who can’t come to terms with it! 713 more words

The Bride

When hooligans protest, ignore; when citizens protest, take note!

I was quite amused when I read the report two days ago of the protest by some members of Selangor Umno Youth. They had converged at the state secretariat building and flung pails and mineral water but couldn’t get through because the gate was shut and chained! 465 more words

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