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Civil action speaks volumes

The best news I heard this week is the news that the Malaysian and Indonesian governments are going to give shelter to the about 2,000 Bangladeshi and Rohingya migrants adrift in international waters off the coast of the two nations. 536 more words

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I am
I am
I am
I am

I will inhale the coffee fields
alive between my ears

I am
Frida Kahlo’s… 79 more words

The importance of a church momma (or the mothers of the Bride of Christ)

Okay, I’ve finally decided to take the plunge. A friend of mine recently posted her experience as a future mom surrounded by babies and moms-to-be (thank you myeighteeninches.blogspot.com ;) ) and I cannot, in good conscience, let her take one for the team. 835 more words

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Are you ready to survive a disaster?

The East Coast floods last December was a national disaster that opened the eyes and minds of Malaysians that we are no longer safe from natural disasters and ill-prepared for them. 995 more words

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10 wedding shoes that will make you stare

Its another weekend again and wedding bells are ringing. And as is our tradition every Saturday, we’ve got a special wedding treat to satisfy your sweet tooth today. 196 more words


One has to overcome fear in the name of revenge

I’ve finally decided on a title for the drawing I recently finished featuring Beatrix Kiddo and Arya Stark. It is now available as a print. 96 more words


PKR wins in Permatang Pauh but it still has to prove itself

Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) has won the Permatang Pauh parliamentary seat which shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone because this is an Anwar stronghold. The seat fell vacant when PKR adviser Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim, who won the seat in the 2013 general election, was disqualified when he was jailed for sodomy. 553 more words

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