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Totally False

This Is 100% False

Acts 2:1 The Voice (VOICE)

2 When the holy day of Pentecost came 50 days after Passover, they were gathered together in one place. 177 more words


Sundown November 22, 2015 Dawns Hebrew Day 247. The Creators of The System: 1776 – (21*56) = 600.

Amos 4:13 ~ The Voice (VOICE)

13 Witness the One who shapes the mountains and fashions the wind, 199 more words


The Significance of Hebrew Day 599! The Double-Edged Sword of Israel: 216 + 383 = 599.  Here Is The Thing: 613 + 613 + 599 = 14 Days To… 33 more words

Cosmic funnels
Dizzy with
Of Thunder
Making every cheek
Every knee bow.

Thirst is poured
In these empty
Mouths. Will you… 116 more words


Devotional # 110. Ephesians 5:22-33

Devotional # 110. 11/10/14. Ephesians 5:22-33.

Intro. I hate and love this passage of Scripture. I am so thankful it is in the Bible and yet wish it would just go away. 1,843 more words

My encounter with an owl!

About a week ago, as I was returning from an evening out, and turned a corner to my street, I saw a large and unusual bird perched on the telephone wire above. 823 more words

The Bride