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So, what is love?

Valentine’s Day is over with, I’m sure, more than half the world not bothering about it, since it’s more a western cultural occasion. But, to those of us who are aware of it, it is a good day to think about love! 486 more words

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Car safety tips

A friend sent some info about safety in cars which I’ll paraphrase here. It seems the headrests of cars are deliberately made detachable and sharp to break open the glass of car in case of fire and emergency. 12 more words

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Making our homes safe

It really is tragic when families die in their own homes, perhaps, needlessly. I am referring to the couple and two sons who died in a fire in their home in USJ 2, which is the section opposite where I live. 486 more words

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Wedding Registry Items: Party Style

I’ve recently had friends ask me items they should include on their wedding registries. And yes, I have some very practical answers: a good-quality knife set, a spare set of sheets, mailing labels, etc. 636 more words

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Today's Lion Bites: a re-visitation of fire

“I am revisiting you with My fire and My power.

“I am calling you to come into a deeper and fuller encounter with Me and with who I am. 229 more words


A health tip -- affirm yourself!

The other day someone shared about a psychological problem and it took me back to a session I had with my therapist a few years ago when I, myself, was dealing with some anxiety and depression-related issues. 429 more words

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