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You Suck. It's Not Hormone Related Anger

I wouldn’t exactly call my son’s conception an accident. I mean, I didn’t trip and fall into The Bride’s vagina. However, it was a surprise. In fact, I was unaware we were even trying to make a… 1,789 more words

Secure people embrace criticisms

Criticisms are healthy. They aid in renewal and in revitalization to bring about change for the better. Without criticisms, we will be stuck with the same old same old. 794 more words

The Bride

The Bride

The Bride by S Doyle

4 stars! 

First off I have to say, when my friend Geri recommended this series to me I thought that woman was crazy. 291 more words


Rough Fingers On Soft Skin

I love to watch the love between two that my heart loves so deeply.

There is something breathtaking to me, found in catching a glimpse of the unassuming — the way that this love expects to go unnoticed. 441 more words

Rooting for a better nation!

So, Prime Minister Najib Razak went to the US and threw around a few billions to “strengthen the US economy” with our money — US$24 billion, including EPF money, to build infrastructure there. 485 more words

The Bride

London awakening: old and new prophecies on this move of God

A couple more updates from Michael Marcel, whose websites on historical and current revival-related events may be read at UK Wells and UK Awakening respectively: 444 more words


On a September shift for leaders of UK, USA & Israel; harvest and equipping for the battle

In Visions of Christian Warriors…, which included words from the Lord on His heavenly army as brought by Chris Bennett, I mused about whenever we’re away it’s intriguing to return home and compare impressions with others who’ve heard from the Lord. 393 more words