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Narrative Development/ Short Portfolio Development Project; The Bridge


For this short brief we are required to revert back to the study of Michael Beirut’s ‘Why can’t designers think’. Which I studied for the start of the ‘Bus Stop’ brief. 451 more words

Creative Futures

Σκανδιναβικές σειρές, μια παθιασμένη σχέση

Είπα να γράψω για μερικές από τις αγαπημένες μας σειρές που έχουμε δει τα τελευταία χρόνια. Τα βράδια δεν έχουμε χρόνο ούτε τη δύναμη να δούμε ολόκληρες ταινίες κι έτσι τα τελευταία χρόνια έχουμε αλωνίσει τις σειρές.

Minuting The Nation / Καταγράφοντας το "εθνος" μας!

TV: The Bridge Review

There are people out there who won’t give subtitled television a chance.

The idea is that you’d be ‘reading’ rather than ‘watching’ the TV.

And while I can understand that, I’d suggest that you’re missing out on some cracking shows if that is how you think. 305 more words


Allan's Rule For Re-Reading Your First Draft... Read the WHOLE Thing

Don’t trash that crappy first draft!

Oh it may be full of grammatical errors that would send your high school English teachers into hysterics but that’s not reason enough to throw it away.   1,179 more words

ministry...not for those with weak stomachs and prone to sunburn.

Ministry.  If you get into this, I hope you’re near a bathroom because all the crap in your life is going to come out one way or another.  585 more words

The Bridge

The Value of Friends

I just finished reading a book by Missouri native, Stan Crader, called The Bridge.

Crader gives a glimpse of rural America through the eyes of a 12-year-old boy, Tommy Thompson, during the summer of 1967. 659 more words


the bridge bron / broen (danish/swedish tv series)

the bridge is one of the best tv series i’ve seen since Twin Peaks.

the acting is brilliant, and the story is amazing….but.

the cinematography is something else.

55 more words