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The Bridge (Part 1)

It was early and the morning mist still hung low to the ground, obscuring his view and preventing him from seeing what existed on the other side.  671 more words



It was a goal of mine to make sure I crossed THE BRIDGE whilst in Copenhagen. I could probably give a great amount of credit to the show which features the stunning Oresund Bridge for proliferating my love of Denmark (along with Dogme 95 and everything by Lars von Trier). 755 more words

Day Trip To Sweden

Husb and I went on a bus from Denmark to Sweden today, across THE BRIDGE which featured in the television series of the same name. We spent a few hours exploring Malmo, which has an ‘English Shop’ that sells Marmite for British expats to smuggle across THE BRIDGE because it’s illegal in Denmark. 52 more words


Introduction to "The Bridge"

Welcome to “The Bridge”!

The Bridge is a blog designed to help explain the “whys” and “hows” surrounding common medical concerns. Demystifying medical language and explaining the rationale behind treatments for medical concerns is part of what I do. 206 more words


The Butterfly Effect – or, How We Learn to Love the Ship More Than Its Good Old Captain

I once dreamed of a garden with a gigantic Tree inside.
A caterpillar was wiggling on a particular leaf of that Tree.
Suddenly the Tree shook violently and the caterpillar fell down. 373 more words

The Bridge

Demián Bichir: Tarantino, obras de teatro y el reto de ser director [ENTREVISTA]

El actor mexicano Demián Bichir está atravesando uno de los momentos más importantes y ocupados de su carrera. Por un lado está terminando de grabar… 786 more words


Sonny: Mythic musician, noisy neighbour

A saxophone player stands and plays for hours on a bridge – the sky above, the Hudson river below. It’s 1959, it’s New York City and the musician is Sonny Rollins. 409 more words

Cormac Looney