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Just the Usual Expat Hol in Paradise

Following my completes crappola Chrimbo (who would have thought it would’ve sucked so badly that morning when I was making my Expat Exmas Message, like Her Maj?), we are now on our fabulous holiday in Boracay. 1,579 more words


Another Dilemna: Which Club to Join?

As well as the dreadful towel dilemna, it is taking me a long time to figure out which club to join. Annoyingly, we don’t get this as part of our package as we did in our last country, so I am really having to grapple with the problem quite aggressively during my free time. 282 more words


Why do we go on holiday

Why do we go on holiday, especially special far-flung holidays where we cannot speak the local language, where we have little or no knowledge of the local food or water resources, and where we are placing our safety in the hands of strangers who will have no concern or knowledge of us or our requirements for little more than a few days… 880 more words

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