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Black and Blue

As the country contemplates Independence Day and its significance this holiday weekend, I can offer a perspective on one of the issues at the center of the recent storm. 780 more words


Random Past Blast

So this is my nine-hundred-and-ninety-ninth post here on Logos con Carne (which turns nine tomorrow). I’ll talk more about that when I do the anniversary (or perhaps more accurately, the birthday) post. 2,222 more words


Blue Valentine Blues, Pedals With You.

Happy Friday June 26th 2020.

Currently watching Blue Valentine. It sucks any decent life left in tranquility . Anti marriage movies were all the youthful rage 2010 required. 366 more words


Morning strings.

My life dangles on a string and I at anytime am bound to fall apart. Me and my immediate family feel so much but never address anything. 267 more words



Rolling up out of bed,
Smoking up lots of piff!
I’ve been,
Higher than ever,
Lowered in pressure.
Saving these lectures,
For the kids looking around for some guidance… 183 more words

Pink Cloudz

Poetic rhymes to pass the time

Passion flows as the record beholds

Symphonies that speak to me

My inspiration singing through

The muse to it all is you… 64 more words

Creative Writing

Tupac Amaru Shakur

Since a child i’ve looked up to you

your essence of charisma is what made me fall in love too

Although taboo and a little out of the ordinary… 146 more words

Creative Writing