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The Temp Chronicles

In the midst of my full-time job search, I worked a couple of temporary jobs throughout March.

The first gig was through a family member, and it was to assist at an event for her childhood school. 215 more words

Now What?

Since the beginning of 2016, life has felt like a strange mixture of laying low and keeping goal-oriented, with the latter bringing fuzzier and more sporadic results than I hoped for. 251 more words

Mulholland–The Basement, 25/03/16

They say that things happen in threes. If it’s true Mulholland’s Stan Smith must have been increasing worried as tonight’s gig got closer to starting. After a breaking a guitar string just as he started playing live on local radio that morning and dropping an almost full drink in front of The Basement’s stage area in that lull between doors opening and music starting, what else could go wrong…? 1,383 more words

Live Music

Episode #482 of "The Harvey and Bob Show" podcast

John and El’Ahrai have returned, bearing reviews of “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice,” “Murders at the Rue Morgue/The Dunwich Horror,” “The Bronze,” and “The Hateful Eight!”  But wait, there’s more!   23 more words

The (Re)Introduction To The Bronze

Hey folks! By now I think you’ve noticed some changes on my blog. Despite it existing for six months, organizing it and actually putting content on it has been like my mind playing musical chairs.  182 more words

#VicksFlicks Terse Twitter Reviews

Time flies, and truthfully, I simply see too many damn movies in order to write a full, comprehensive review for each one. I’m a working man over here! 434 more words