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I Was Almost A Cowboy!

With my family having just returned from holidays, after lumping me with the care of the house and animals (in whose wellbeing my mother was more interested), it occurred to me that I haven’t had an actual ‘holiday’ in about 4 years. 810 more words

Bucket List

Films that will inspire you to find adventure.

Films are powerful. They can make you laugh, make you cry and in some cases make you desperate to go out and experience adventure and travel the world. 760 more words


The Bucket List

Hello everyone! Below are list of things I want to do/buy before I die. Hahaha, this post will be updated everytime I get to do/buy whatever that is in this list. 252 more words

Places To Visit

#2 (Part One)

July 16th, 2015

I bought a house!

Well, technically, I bought a piece of land. But the concrete slab is going down by the end of this month with walls and roof to follow in quick succession, so all-in-all I think I’m validated in claiming it as buying a house. 1,125 more words

The Catch-Up Chronicles


May 24th, 2015

A couple of weeks ago I did a little two hour road trip down south to visit my parents.

I do this trip often, and it can be a long journey without a packet of Snickers Pods or Krispy Kreme Donuts to keep the sugar levels up and the diabetes potential looming close by, but for the most part – I love it. 652 more words

The Bucket List


April 11th, 2015

Recently I sat for the GAMSAT, or as explained much more simply outside of it’s ridiculous acronym – I sat an exam that will allow me to study at Med School if I’m lucky enough to have passed. 759 more words

The Catch-Up Chronicles


February 5th, 2015

Last Wednesday night I finished my last shift as a Graduate Nurse. It’s been a year since I started nursing, and yet I feel like no time has passed at all. 997 more words

The Catch-Up Chronicles