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Loud Waterfalls & Endless Seas.

We started our chill adventure at Liffey Falls. It was beautiful, just like every other waterfall I have seen and touched. Sigh.:) I cannot imagine not seeing nature for next few years of my life… I just can’t. 77 more words


Garlic Bread & Delicious Sashimi.

I think I am getting used to waking up to a nice simple breakfast infront of the television to watch the news and catch up with the world. 122 more words


Cold Rain & High Climbs.

We got to take a nice (but very wet and cold and sad) walk down the rivulet. The best part about the walk was meeting the dog Poppy and her owner. 126 more words


Fresh Broccolis & Tall Trees

The day started out crappy with rain and cold draft. But as we travelled from Hobart to Mount Field, the rain came and left like… well, rain. 143 more words


Beautiful Bondi

On Sunday morning, I jumped on a flight south and left the blue skies of Brisbane and headed off to enjoy a splash of summer in Sydney. 297 more words

The Bucket List

Hot Coffee & Cold Raindrops.

The first night was a quick one. We had dinner at a local Vietnam place, then went back immediately to catch some snooze. The morning began at 3am, when the alarm disturbed my rest for a long hike up Mount Wellington to catch the sunrise. 352 more words


A Tourist At Home

This summer, I made it to Cochin, the cosmopolitan hub of Kerala. I travel to the south twice every year so making the trip was nothing out of the ordinary. 103 more words