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Check that off the list: Bullet Journaling.

Hey guys! This is year I made a bucket list with 120+ items ranging from pretty normal to totally strange. Each week I try one of these items and hopefully it will inspire you to try something new! 230 more words



I’ve always had a odd fascination with crime. Not in ever committing it, just that people do and that despite all the psychologists in the world, we just really will never know truely why it happens. 711 more words

The Bucket List

Twittering Tales #112 – 27 November 2018 – The Bucket List

This is my entry for Kat Myrman’s Twittering Tales.

She’d been 17 when they had married. 19years when the first boy arrived and 30years when the third and last boy appeared. 30 more words


Pandora's Box 004: The Bucket List (2007)

For the second time, Pandora’s Box has presented me a movie about old people who want to spice up their lives before they die. The Bucket List is a favorite of bargain bins and cheap feel good DVD sales everywhere and I have avoided it for precisely that reason. 643 more words


The 2018 Hike Bucket List

Before I left for an overseas job, I had this list of “unfinished business” referring to the mountains I haven’t climbed in the Philippines yet. I have been wanting to climb these mountains ever since but a few on those list did not make the cut before I completely left the country. 193 more words

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Breast Cancer Awareness month in review

Book Name: The Bucket List

Author: Georgia Clark

Genre: Adult Women’s Fiction

Publisher: Atria/Emily Bestseller Books

Publication Date: August 7, 2018

Ratings: ⭐⭐⭐⭐

It’s October and Breast Cancer Awareness Day is just around the corner so in, lieu of this very special awareness month, I chose to read a book about the diagnosis of the breast cancer gene and how such a discovery changes lives. 571 more words


Medisinsk humaniora

Hvorfor er det viktig å lese kunst?
Kunst fungerer som supplerende kunnskap om menneskets indre dimensjoner. Vi er opptatte av ikke bare rent kliniske tilstander, men også mennesket bak. 115 more words