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Review: Lee Daniels' The Butler

Lee Daniels’ The Butler is one of the most profound movies I have watched in a long while and really made me angry at The South, southern pride, Confederate flag dummies and the way stupid people seem to expect their bigotry to be tolerated by innocent, kind humans just wanted to be treated equal. 525 more words



I’ve been thinking a lot recently about America. My homeland. While in Korea the past four years, I’ve thought a lot about the kind of healing and transformation I’d like to see here. 572 more words

Day To Day Life

Skin Color

I watched “The Butler,” a 2013 American historical drama film based on Eugene Allen’s life as a White House butler. It gave a glimpse of the struggles African Americans had to go through in the US. 184 more words


Inside Out

So here’s my dilemma.

I’ve got this post I wrote a bazillion weeks ago. Ok, not really. I wrote it back in May but with all that’s happened since then, it feels like a bazillion weeks ago. 790 more words


Charleston Shooting, Racism in America, and the Christian Obligation to Action

My wife and I watched “The Butler” last night, which is a movie about one man’s job as a butler to the president of the united states through the terms of Eisenhower through Reagan. 1,159 more words

Christian Life

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