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Summer Stingers: How to tell the difference

This time of year, most beekeepers I know are inundated with phone calls and text messages asking, “Are these bees?” or “If there are bees in my shed, will you come and get them?” I absolutely LOVE that homeowners are beginning to question before pulling out the Raid and everytime I get a call or message such as this I get excited, however, many of these are false alarms. 762 more words

The Buzz About Bees

Trading Spaces: Beekeeping Edition

Remember the TLC show Trading Spaces? I think it was the home remodeling show that paved the way for the MANY shows that exist now! 696 more words

The Buzz About Bees

Spring Build-Up and Inspections

Wednesday night Anne Marie Fauvel, beekeeper and educator from Grand Valley State University, spoke to the Kalamazoo Bee Club about spring her spring to-do list. Below is an overview of the information covered. 1,093 more words

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Of Mice and Bees

I apologize for my absence, but we’ve been in the process of moving. We made the decision on a bit of a whim, but my husband is a builder and has always dreamed of building his own home. 719 more words

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A Beekeeper's Spring To-Do List

When should I uncover my hives?

More and more beekeepers in the north are experimenting with different overwintering protections: insulation, foam, wind blocks, heating elements, etc. 812 more words

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Varroa Mites: Your 2016 Action Plan

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February in the midwest is rough. I’m a school teacher, so I’m now quite removed from Christmas break, but still far from spring break. 1,290 more words

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