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Symphony Soldier - The cab

I talked about this album before when I was writing reviews for “Rompiendo esquemas” webzine. Anyway, “Symphony soldier” is, so far, the best album recorded by “The Cab”. 103 more words


AMV Of the Day: Angel With A Shotgun (Fairy Tail)

Today’s AMV of the Day comes from 2012 and I have to admit that I’m picking it for purely personal reasons.  I’m spending this weekend with my sisters and, if any group of people could be called Angels with shotguns, it’s the Bowman Girls. 564 more words

Lisa Marie Bowman

Random Songs From My "Emo" Days

I’ll be the first to admit I thought I was angsty as hell when I was in middle school. I bought colored jeans and spiky belts from Wet Seal and tried to give myself blue coon tails (if you don’t know what those are… just look them up). 113 more words


New Music Monday: The Cab

I kind of have a track record with getting into big bands waay after they were big and released their most famous songs, so bear with me. 589 more words


Caroline's Study Playlist

by: Caroline Burkhart//

Lacking the motivation to sit down and study or focus on work? We’ve all been there! When I’m studying or doing homework, I love to have music playing softly in the background. 57 more words


Tracks of the Month: December

Hello everyone,

Now, as a rule I don’t usually upload these posts until later on in the month, nor do I generally do a Tracks of the Month in December as the airwaves are usually overtaken by Christmas songs. 766 more words



This is a special music Friday that’s happening on Tuesday because it’s the 5th anniversary of Symphony Soldier by The Cab.

I love this album. There are very few albums that I truly love from the first second to the last, from the first song to the last one. 172 more words

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