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My Top 10: Horror Films

RIP Wes Craven…

I hate being scared. There are people that love getting scared, I am not one of them. But over the years of watching a crap ton of movies, I’ve grown to enjoy tons of classic and new age horror movies that both make me jump, but also make my skin crawl. 811 more words


Ale-Repair Update, Cookies

After all that bluster last week about opening up bottles and attempting to carbonate that flat first batch of ale, I made no moves toward that task whatsoever last weekend. 456 more words

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C- Fermentation Grade

By now, all of the ales and wine I put up should be drinkable, particularly the ones put up in June and July. So far, I have not tried… 313 more words

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Ma's Old-Fashioned Dress

Our church had an old-fashioned day last Sunday, when all were supposed to dress as they would have generations ago. Saturday I looked through our stuff and saw nothing really appropriate for her to wear. 211 more words

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Ah, Sew...

I have come to the conclusion I am a person driven by one compulsion after another. Brew season, I am obsessed with sanitizing more bottles and deciding how many… 375 more words

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Last Look at Spectacular Fall Foliage

On the long drive home to the cabin Friday evening, the trees looked more and more bare the nearer I got to the cabin. My area must have endured sudden gusts or could have been on the edge of a windy storm while I worked in exile here in the city; something made all the leaves at home drop while the trees in town still carry their colors. 139 more words

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A little holiday gift

Reviewing some old writing projects, some of which, long forgotten, I came across a short story that I’d published in an anthology benefiting a children’s center in 2001. 268 more words