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He stood in front of the window and observed the unfolding of a fall evening. The stars began to peer through rolling clouds. 600 more words


Alas! Snowy Peaches

An Itty-Bitty Bobber!

Out at Sunrise and what do I see? Not a Dan-de-Lion, it’s a Snow-de-Lion!

Fudge likes it. 30 more words

The Cabin

Outside the Cabin Door

Want to see one of the top reasons I want to live way out in the woods in a log cabin? This is what I saw, heard and loved when I walked out the front door this morning:

The Cabin

The Cabin, Sheffield - Review

On the outskirts of Sheffield’s currently regenerating retails quarter The Moor sits a an incredibly cosy and popular restaurant. Themed around the Canadian rockies, The Cabin mainly serves pancakes and waffles with a wide range of toppings, both savoury and sweet, traditional and a little more out there. 237 more words

Phil Was Wrong, Right?

I have a fervent hope that Puxatawney (sp?) Phil was wrong this year! A spiffily dressed gentleman holding the poor creature high somehow inferred 6 more weeks of winter. 81 more words

The Cabin

Cabin Catch- Up

So this is not our cabin but we’re dreamers over here! Chris and I are waiting for Spring -because we’re winter wussies – to get down and dirty with the cabin. 208 more words


The Cabin (aka I insta-love you because you look like my dead ex-wife) | Book Review

By: Alice Ward
The Cabin At a Glance

Overall Rating:  2.9 out of 5 wine corks

Dude Ranking:  Is it stalking if you like it? 832 more words

Book Review