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500 Words = New Orleans!

Hey, I won a trip to New Orleans! Where I work, we have VSP vision insurance. I deal they do is go to different cities with a mobile clinic and provide free eye exams and glasses. 157 more words

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Top 10 Laziest Things I Have Done In Recent Memory

In an effort to understand how blog posts work, I have created this list of the laziest things I have done this past month-ish:

  1. I needed bagged coffee at home, but I didn’t want to walk through a grocery store so I went to Starbucks drive-thru, where the barista had to list and describe every type of bagged coffee ¬†they had in the store and grind it for me…
  2. 319 more words
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September Butterflies

Every year in the dog days of late summer, I get dozens of spicebush swallowtail butterflies congregating on the grave road where it bends at the base of my driveway. 85 more words

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Say Something, Anything . . .

Anything but that.

We are not really sure how a blog works, but we know we need a friend city where we can collect all of our thoughts and feels that would normally be shared in real life. 103 more words

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The Castle

Day twenty-four:

The train began to slow, the people sitting down started leaning forward, fixing their things, preparing to get off.

“Follow me,” Angela said when the doors opened. 958 more words

100 Day Challenge

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Day twenty-three:

The man hoisted me up on his horse, for I was too weak to do it myself. We rode through the winding path of the dense forest. 608 more words

100 Day Challenge

Water the Filberts!

I get a newsletter from Chelsea Green, a homestead and resilient farmer kind of publisher. I like adding nuts into my whole wheat bread and gosh, they’re expensive. 246 more words

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