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Cabin Catch- Up

So this is not our cabin but we’re dreamers over here! Chris and I are waiting for Spring -because we’re winter wussies – to get down and dirty with the cabin. 208 more words


The Cabin (aka I insta-love you because you look like my dead ex-wife)

By: Alice Ward
The Cabin At a Glance

Overall Rating:  2.9 out of 5 wine corks

Dude Ranking:  Is it stalking if you like it? 832 more words


90% Off Sale!

I am a sentimental sort and would rather have a white Christmas than any number of odd gifts that take up closet space. Not that I don’t treasure the thoughtful present sent by someone who had no idea what the hay to get me. 198 more words

The Cabin

Digging Dread

I awoke this morning huddled into my covers, thinking about where to bury her body. This grew into dread as I became more alert. I knew it must be done, else it would draw flies and get gooey and stink the whole house up. 458 more words

The Cabin

Review: The Cabin by Alice Ward

My review (amazon link)

Zoe and Gray have both survived different tragedies, which have left them reluctant to trust people. Zoes trip to stock up before the snowstorm does not end the way she imagined. 205 more words

Book Review

Cozy Up With A Book Weather

Oh yes, isn’t is getting cold in the evenings! I’ve had to dig around for my sweaters, coats and long johns and all…cheapskate that I am, I keep the thermostat at 50 degrees F and pile on the warmth. 103 more words

The Cabin

Impending Autumn

I thought I’d post a few timely pictures to show I’m still alive and kicking! Fall is my favorite time of the year; the weather starts cooling and I can cozy up to thick, soft clothes. 116 more words

The Cabin