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Arrival at the Cabin

Here’s a very short extract from the notes and jottings that I have been keeping daily during my time at the Cabin.  This is my first day, my first moments in situ. 188 more words


Y’all Keep Them Eyes Peeled!

A year ago, Ma and I trolled the cloth store picked out yards and yards of cotton prints for shorts and skirts. Now she sits and stares at nothing, and getting her attention is iffy. 616 more words

The Cabin

Hancock Fabrics, Good Bye!

Alas! The venerable Hancock Fabric Store is no more. I have such fond memories of Hancock Fabrics, from way back. I won the 8th grade science fair and got $50 cash money for it. 305 more words

The Cabin

Strawberries On the Move!

Check that out, those rambunctious strawberries running for all they’re worth! I admit I hate to weed and so some weeds are taller than I am. 283 more words

The Cabin

Honeysuckles, A Kid's Delight


Walking around the woods, the honeysuckles are about over now. They have beautiful flowers and strangling vines; woe unto the bush they get near. Another rampant Asian import!  239 more words

The Cabin

Cabin Spring Fever June 2016

After the long winter it was a true delight to head to the cabin and spend a peaceful three weeks watching the landscape put on its green summer clothes.  112 more words


Warnings in the Night

I have a confession to make. I didn’t start cleaning up because I couldn’t stand the stacked and jumbled-tumbled boxes of plunder that impeded the use of the great room, that wouldn’t let me even reach the windows for a breeze. 432 more words

The Cabin