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The Cage

Yes, I did it.

No one will ever know how many chickens it took to make that costume.

Video is by Striker Posie, who is awesome. 24 more words



You love me, you really love me! Your kindness is matched by the most generous berk in the world who hocked their jink to learn everything about the fair cage.

40 more words
Dungeons And Dragons

She needed home, didn’t she? But, his voice whispered in her head, does home need you?

—  The Hunt (The Cage, #2), by Megan Shepherd
Words U Sometimes Need To Hear

Look beyond the camera, Delphine had said. Look into the heart of the photographer—not this greasy-faced boy, but every man. Because it will be always be a man, even if a woman is taking the pictures, because it’s a man’s world. 25 more words


Spock Action Figure from The Cage

Captain’s Log: Stardate 201801.12.

I think Spock looks better without the field jacket, so he will stay that way. In other news, I finally got around to buying Voyager seasons 1 and 2 on DVD, which will complete my collection. 43 more words

Star Trek

The Cage

You are so wonderful

so pure

made of light and love

made of stars and galaxies

inside of you a door to a sanctuary

resides… 45 more words


The First Thing

that comes to mind when I see today’s one word ‘riff’ prompt is this man’s talent.

I’m not very well versed when it comes to reviewing extraordinary music. 409 more words

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