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The call. 

It’s a beautiful here in Manhattan, New York. The sun is out high and the birds are chirping. It’s a good day to just roam around. 1,624 more words

Free Write

​A little girl was sitting on a train next to a man dressed in all black. “What do you do, mister?” she asks. The man looks down at her. 298 more words

Free Write

A night at the Lalaurie

Finally, school is out and summer is here! My girlfriend, Savannah and I had this awesome trip planned to go to New Orleans and meet some new people there and party. 990 more words

Free Write


Maddi here, I’m just your ordinary high school student that has a love for writing. The things I’ve been writing the most lately are short stories which I can upload. 24 more words

Free Write


That time I wore shorts when it was 21 degrees outside has obviously now meant that I am smothered with a cold . Yesterday my day consisted of moaning from the pressure in my sinuses, watching world war z, a marathon of the good wife and crying unnecessarily. 139 more words

Trip to the ER

Today I had the first real heart-stopping panic experience of my life. There is a song with the lyrics “you never know what you got until it’s gone,” and I thought I understood what that song meant. 411 more words

My Life