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The Call

Louisa’s call has finally come! After what felt an eternity of waiting, nearly two weeks ago we found out it had been assigned but we were relying on the postman to bring the letter so we could find out exactly where it was she would be serving for 18 months. 605 more words

Spain Madrid Mission


At a particularly difficult congregational annual business meeting many years ago, I was accused of spending too much time preaching on grace. Those making the accusation felt that it was time that the church heard some of the “deeper” truths of the faith–truths that they just happened to know and would gladly reveal to the congregation if I would just stop preaching about grace and get out of their way. 708 more words


Rebels Review: The Call

Save the Purgill!

No, I will not say whales in space. I’m already sick of this forced meme. I never imagined Rebels taking a detour quite like this. 747 more words

Star Wars


In my blog posted on January 11, 2016 called “One Night At the Hospital”, I told a story about Anna, one of the students I was teaching at the time. 744 more words



the bell shall toll,

breathe in
your nose
your lungs
your heart
and guts
to clear. . .

breathe out,
fear not too much… 65 more words


Am I Up to the Task?

We’re either doing something, or we’re doing nothing. If we’re doing nothing, why are we doing nothing?
It’s been a soul-searching evening for me. I just finished watching “The Silent Scream”. 104 more words

Heavenly Perspective

The Call Meeting

We had our meeting last night! We were able to turn in all our paperwork and background checks. Now we just have to wait on a training date. 376 more words