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Alpharetta's Lack of Election Coverage

It has been nearly a month since I wrote this article about Alpharetta’s ongoing City Council election. Since that time I have seen no local newspaper coverage of the most important election the City of Alpharetta has had since 2011 when Mayor Belle Isle and I were elected. 326 more words


First downtime in my campaign

After a series of adventures, the group heads home for their first ’Winter Holiday’. To make sure the settlement evolves and grows, I decided early that every winter the characters would rest and work on other tasks until the next group of settlers arrive from the ‘old world’. 1,001 more words

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The Deserted Wizard - Part 3

I was almost caught up – and then life hits. Well, here is the final recap of this adventure. The next session had some downtime, and the sessions after that is the first chapter in a grand expedition to explore the lands around them after the winter. 737 more words

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Put in Their Place

“Blood boiling, Harbard feet stomped on the ground, trying to keep up with Araxia. He couldn’t believe he could be so careless, that some thieves would be able to steal his pack while he slept. 722 more words

Harbard Stonehand

An Elf (Half, really) in Need

“Round and round and round they walked. Araxia’s sense of smell was being tricked, and Harbard’s sense of direction was being sent haywire. An unusual enchantment indeed, but Harbard kept putting one foot in front of the other, not knowing the magic that kept directing his steps off the wrong way. 864 more words

Harbard Stonehand

The Campaign ***(Out of 4)

Consensus: “The Campaign” is a savage political comedy that sadly isn’t so much a spoof as it is an imitation of real life. Will Ferrell and Zach Galifianakis are perfect in their roles.

The Campaign

A New Friend in Battle

“Towering over the small middle-aged priest, the Goliath man held out the unmoving body of the direwolf. He asked with a tenderness unusual from the mouth of a half-giant for the priest to heal the dying beast. 565 more words

Harbard Stonehand