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Labor Rights Protestors Take The Streets Downtown

Activists, workers, community members and students took to the streets in downtown Phoenix on Thursday, April 14 to agitate in favor of raising minimum wage and expanding union rights. 218 more words

The Campaign

Activists, Community Leaders Meet to Plan Major Minimum Wage Action

Local politicians, activists and students gathered at Living United for Change in Arizona headquarters in Phoenix on Saturday, March 19 to discuss the benefits of an increased minimum wage for their community. 170 more words

The Campaign

LUCHA Holds Community Discussion on Minimum Wage

Local nonprofit group Living United For Change in Arizona held a community meeting on March 19 to discuss the importance of raising minimum wage and potential avenues to campaign on the issue.

The Campaign

Session 10: Too fat loot?

After our last session, where the main focus was the characters purging an aberrant plant monster from a dungeon inside something akin to a large stone foundation, my thoughts have centered around magic items and treasure. 849 more words

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Go Natural

Natural Beauty

The campaign which our company have chosen to launch and work on is #GoNatural.

#GoNatural will be launched in order to encourage women of all ages and ethnicities to take better care of their skin whilst wearing makeup, and most importantly in general. 90 more words

It’s a witch! (They didn’t weigh her, or burn her) Our 9th session…

We had a really enjoyable 9th game session, where we managed to get closer to the kind of games that I would like to run, and where I (mostly) followed the ‘say yes doctrine’ for game masters. 922 more words

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