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The Campaign ***(Out of 4)

Consensus: “The Campaign” is a savage political comedy that sadly isn’t so much a spoof as it is an imitation of real life. Will Ferrell and Zach Galifianakis are perfect in their roles.

The Campaign

A New Friend in Battle

“Towering over the small middle-aged priest, the Goliath man held out the unmoving body of the direwolf. He asked with a tenderness unusual from the mouth of a half-giant for the priest to heal the dying beast. 565 more words

Harbard Stonehand

New Encounters, New Friends

“Shaumur Kung excitedly invited the Goliath man into his inn, having never had a chance to converse with the famed denizens of the Mountains of the Sun. 682 more words

Harbard Stonehand

The Deserted Wizard - a D&D adventure - part 2

The group is searching for a wizard in a ruined city. He deserted from their settlement several months ago, and has already learned that there are both fiends and mind flayers inside the ruins. 510 more words

Dungeons & Dragons


Illithor (large)

Description: a three meters tall armor clad ilithid with only four tentacles. It is more bulky and squat compared with the regular mind flayers and wields a mind-blade great sword. 221 more words


The First Few Steps

“The heavy journey started lightly for Harbard. His trek south carried him through the beauty of the mountains he knew so well. Hunting daily, he met some kind travelers who directed him to his destination, the town of Gilrest. 728 more words

Harbard Stonehand

The Goliath's Rage

“Harbard Stonehand was a Goliath known in his home mountains as a fierce fighter. He fought ferociously in single combat, but could also be a kind and gentle soul. 515 more words

Harbard Stonehand