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Legend has it that Stephen Colbert invented the red-faced, right wing character on Comedy Central in order to mock that same right wing unmercifully, and hence to defang it. 857 more words


The Lessons Learned #1 & #2

Lesson #1: When you’re at a Democratic function, don’t let your husband introduce you as a Republican.

He did this early in the campaign.  “Full disclosure, my wife is a Republican,” he joked.   776 more words

The Campaign

The Cheerleader or The Realist

I am an elementary school teacher.  I spend most of my day encouraging little minds.  So you would think that being my husband’s cheerleader during this campaign would come very naturally.   342 more words

The Campaign

Hillary v. Trump Rant

This is what you give us to work with?  Hillary or Trump?  Seriously?  These two people are the best candidates that our country’s two major political parties can come up with?   582 more words

The Campaign


Every major crossroads in my adult life has been met with a period of discernment in front of the Blessed Sacrament.  (Remember, I am doggedly Catholic… 619 more words

The Campaign

Session 15: Should I pull that lever…?

Last time I tried the AngryDM version for recapping. I’m not going to use that method here on the blog, as this blog-text is also a record of our game for me and the players. 1,186 more words

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