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We've Come a Long Way…

It is hard to believe I first asked Alpharetta voters for the privilege of serving on their city council just four years ago. A lot has changed since then. 356 more words


Weapon materials in D&D 5ed

I am trying to avoid adding complexity and sub-systems to my game, but for my campaign world to be thematically coherent I did decide to make a system for weapon materials, so there is a difference between bronze and steel. 696 more words

Dungeons & Dragons

Welcome to the Evolution!

This website contains a proposal for a major reform of our current democratic institutions which are outmoded, have lost legitimacy and are unfit for the challenges of the new century. 102 more words


Are We There Yet? Timing Your Story Well Part 2

I’m in the process of plotting (cue evil laugh) a new novel, and on this project more than any previous one I have found the timing to be of utmost concern. 354 more words

The Craft

August Update

If you refer to my July Update, you will discover that I was planning to work on a new novel for Camp NaNoWriMo, working title… 294 more words


July Update

With the beginning of July, so starts Camp NaNoWriMo, Round 2. My goal was to begin a new project, working title The Campaign, but it’s still so fresh in my head that I don’t feel ready to write it (translation: I have no idea where to start). 362 more words


Day 30: [Not] The End

I blinked and, just like every year, the end of 30 days is here.  I say the “the end of 30 days” because that’s the only end we’re actually coming to here.   296 more words

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