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Books that Inspired my Campaigns - Part II

Song of Ice and Fire

This series made me step out of the traditional mold when it came to world-design. Before I read the first novels of the series, my campaign worlds had been pretty standard “European” or it had been Earthdawn (which as a game itself also inspired me a lot). 1,416 more words

Dungeons & Dragons

Seven Months in; 99 Days to Go!

By Jeff Roe on 10/24/15:

NOTE: Jeff Roe is a political operative who may be working directly for the Ted Cruz campaign. I’m not certain but will attempt to find out and report my findings here. 609 more words


NaNoWriMo Day 1

The first day of NaNoWriMo concludes for me with achy wrists and fingers, weariness, and roughly 25,000 words. What a whirlwind! I stayed up an hour later than normal after midnight, and I was up in another five hours to pound once more at the keys. 151 more words


So, I found a great fantasy art book in Paris...

I was in Paris this weekend, and was recommended by my friend Adrian, who is also one of my player’s in my own group, to go to Rue Dante and check out the comic book stores there. 530 more words

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Highams Park Says Yes!

Not in an official way, you understand. The consultation is still running – and will be till 12th Oct – so there’s no telling which way the vote will go. 114 more words

Highams Park

National Novel Planning Month

It’s October! Three reasons why this is one of my favorite months of the year:

  • It’s autumn at last! Even though, where I live, there isn’t much of an…
  • 416 more words

A Statement from Cllr Tony Bell

Today we had the most amazing turnout for the photoshoot…but more on that later. First up, a statement from LBWF which makes things ever so clear… 881 more words

Highams Park