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Expedition to Fort 25 and the Ashen Plains

This is a recap from my home-brew campaign the Fallen World. It is an exploration focused campaign, with plenty of dungeons and dragons. Seven characters have been chosen to go to the first colony on a newly discovered continent.

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Alpharetta City Councilman Jim Gilvin Announces Campaign for Mayor

Serving the people of this community for the last six years on Alpharetta City Council has been the greatest honor of my life. And now that Mayor Belle Isle is running to be Georgia’s next Secretary of State I have decided to run for the office of mayor. 963 more words



Modern technology allows us a real-time consolidation of discounts offered by major supermarkets through their websites and promotional e-mails. Data management software can extract this information and consolidate it in a central database in a matter of seconds. 34 more words

The Campaign

Budgets & Rewards

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Every dollar brings us closer to the amount we needed to fundraise. If we are one dollar short of our target, we won’t get any of it. 195 more words

The Campaign

Clowns, Thieves, and Chasms

“The circus tent erupted in a panic as Ava lost control of her giant constrictor snake, and it began rampaging through the crowd. Harbard, Thorion, and Alistair quickly dispatched it, leaving it dead but at least the crowd safe to continue the circus festivities. 601 more words

Harbard Stonehand

Clothes for a New Party

“Araxia snorted as they walked into the bustling city. Many a fearful stare looked at the towering man and his pet wolf, but Harbard appeared more preoccupied by the wonder of the fanciful jugglers, men and women tumbling with painted faces, and the new city that he was too explore. 962 more words

Harbard Stonehand