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Trump Delivers Scathing Attack on Clinton

In his speech today, Donald Trump not only outlined his presidential plans and policies regarding the economy, immigration, and foreign policy, but also delivered a blistering attack on his opponent, Hillary Clinton. 211 more words

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Man Tries to Assassinate Donald Trump

Last weekend a man at Trump’s Las Vegas rally attempted to grab a police officer’s gun to shoot Donald Trump. The wannabe assassin is in the U.S. 55 more words

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Russia Intercepted Clinton Emails from Private Server

Although Hillary Clinton has insisted that the use of a private server was both safe and appropriate,  mounting evidence is proving otherwise. Russia claims that it was able to intercept Clinton’s emails that were sent to this private server, and America’s frenemy may be ready to release these emails to the world. 70 more words

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Clinton Emails Discussed Top Secret Drone Attacks

As reported by the Wall Street Journal on Thursday, Hillary Clinton received top-secret emails regarding potential drone strikes in Pakistan on her private email server at her home in New York. 58 more words

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Clinton Officially Democratic Nominee, AP Reports

According to the Associate Press, Hillary Clinton has officially obtained enough delegates to become the Democratic nominee. Clinton’s tally of 2,383 delegates comes after a weekend of voting in the Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico, and on the eve of the final “super” Tuesday of the primary season. 31 more words

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Clinton Broke Rules Regarding her Email, report says

A report issued by the State Department’s inspector general determined that Hillary Clinton clearly violated State Department policies by using her personal email and a private server at her home whiler serving as Secretary of State. 70 more words

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Kasich Bows Out of Republican Race

Donald Trump now remains the only Republican presidential candidate in the race, as Ohio Governor John Kasich announced the suspension of his campaign Wednesday afternoon. Rumors are swirling that Trump will tap Kasich as his choice for Vice President.

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