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Happy New Year once again dollface! How is this bright and shiny new year treating you?

I’ve managed to survive my first week back at the office relatively unscathed and I am so looking forward to kicking 2017 square in the NUTS! 808 more words


The Carrie Diaries

A life full of glamour, sex, love, friends, and best of all… the city. That’s what everyone see’s when they think of the word “success”. The Carrie Diaries is a series that was originally released on January 14, 2013; it tells the story of Carrie Bradshaw-a young teenage girl who is starting a new life after the loss of her mother. 385 more words

6 TV Shows for Style Lovers

While the big screen offers us a pageantry of extravagant costumes and outfits to fawn over, we often forget television as a source of legitimate style inspiration. 380 more words


Love it or Leave it: The Carrie Diaries

Welcome back! We all have that show. The show that you adore and can quote at the drop of a hat. You love it, but you are the only one. 1,088 more words

Critical Reviews

CW Shows that Ended Too Soon

The CW are known for their TV shows. Their TV shows have become some of the most watched shows globally with Supernatural now in its twelfth season and Arrow in its fifth. 910 more words


Favourites Friday #43

Have you ever been able to just relax?

After eight straight months of school I am finally enjoying my own little mini “summer” until I enter the working world. 537 more words

Favourites Friday

Summer and The City Book Review

PSA // Spoilers below for The Carrie Diaries & Summer and the City

So if you know me you’ll know that I love The Carrie Diaries. 1,281 more words