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My Life In Books: Tim Goodfellow

I’ve loved books since a very young age and I have always been pretty good at reading them. I now study the art of book reading and as a result of peaking academically at GCSE, I actually struggle to find the time to simply read for pleasure, instead I’m weighed down by the mix of wonderful and exciting texts that are part of an English degree. 765 more words


What's On Holden Caulfield's Playlist?

Oh, Spotify, how I love you.

While I’m writing at work, I can pretty much pull up any song ever and listen to it—thanks to you, Spotify. 154 more words


The 39 Steps (1935) Review


Richard Hannay, a Canadian visitor to London gets caught in a web of espionage after he takes home Annabella Smith with  him after an incident in a Music Hall show featuring one Mr. 1,035 more words

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English 10: Ch. 7-13 of Catcher

We went over a lot of the book today. I first reminded you of the Julius Caesar essay rewrites being due a week from when it was returned to you (the rubric day), so for many of you, your deadline to get me a rewrite reattached to the essay/rubric is Monday. 203 more words

English 10

English 10: Catcher Ch. 7-10

I first stamped in your Ch. 7-10 annotations that were to be completed for today. We then took a quiz on Ch. 1-10. After, you worked on completing this… 69 more words

English 10

English 10: C in the R Recap and Ch. 7

We began the hour by recapping what has transpired in our novel thus far, as of Ch. 6. We then read Ch. 7 together and completed annotations as a class. 46 more words

English 10


I walk down Cherry Street everyday. There are so many beautiful mid-century modern homes sprinkled on that street. Yesterday, after walking in the bitter cold, I saw that one of my favorite houses was being torn down. 155 more words