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The Mystery Blogger Award

The amazing Becky @ Velvet Spade Reads nominated me for this award! Thank you! This is all very exciting as this is the first one I’ve ever been nominated for! 608 more words

Failing is One Thing, But Giving Up is Another

Reading the first 7 chapters of J.D. Salinger’s novel, the Catcher in the Rye, had me thinking a lot about failing. The main character in the book, Holden Caulfield, at the time the readers met him was being kicked out of his school, Pency, because he was failing most of his classes. 408 more words

3 DAYS, 3 QUOTES TAG (Day 3) + New Rating System

I was tagged by Sara @ The Bibliophagist !! Thank you Sara!! This has been a blast!!

The Rules
1. Thank the person who nominated you… 370 more words


In celebration of the Reputation Stadium Tour starting in 2 days, I thought this would be appropriate.

I wasn’t tagged for this, but I believe it originated from Kat, owner of… 584 more words


See, that’s what kills me.

Holden is rich. Not filthy rich, but fair enough to earn a place in an apartment where you can fit a king’s size bed and a monstrous-sized desk that Old D.B. 405 more words


A Response to GQ

I think there’s something to say about being curious. Curiosity, I believe, is a gift from God. After all, for many of His children curiosity is what started them on their own faith journey. 1,316 more words



Am I a phony?
The bane of Holden Caulfield?
I’m no charlatan!
My thoughts and feelings are true.
Authentic love flows from me.


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