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Weakness and Failure

Weakness and failure, too, are part of the grittiness of Catholicism-including weakness and failure, stupidity, and cowardice among the Church’s ordained leaders.

Letters to a Young Catholic by George Weigel page 31


A Distinctive Perception

…while Catholicism is a body of beliefs and a way of life, Catholicism is also an optic, a way of seeing things, a distinctive perception of reality…

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Absurd Violence

Shock and horror at the “absurd violence”, radical condemnation for “every form of hatred” and prayer for the victims. These were the first sentiments expressed by Pope Francis – through the Director of the Holy See Press Office, Fr Federico Lombardi – at yet another episode of jihadist terror in France, barely two weeks from the attack in Nice of 14 July.

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The Catholic Church

A Sinner

A quote from Pope Francis:

“I am a sinner … I am sure of this. I am a sinner whom the Lord looked upon with mercy.

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A Futile Search

My friend’s experience reminded me that the search for a perfect religious community is a futile one. As the Trappist monk Thomas Merton wrote in…

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Good for the Soul

I went to confession today. It is something that I have been psyching myself up to do for a while. However, I have been hesitant to do it as I had visions of an angry priest raining down condemnation on me. 276 more words


Is Pope Francis Trying to Destroy Western Christian Civilisation? Really?

From The Denziger-Bergoglio blog:

Francis’ universal prayer intention for the month of July is:

That indigenous peoples, whose identity and very existence are threatened, …

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