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Did Blessed Anna Katharina Emmerick foresee the Lutheranization of the Catholic Church in Our Time?

On the evening of October 1st, the Pilgrim found her exhausted and bathed in perspiration from her heavy spiritual labors. She repeated that St. Michael, besides the seven days’ task, had prescribed certain alms, pointing out what children were to be assisted and what each one was to receive. 1,509 more words

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New Years Solution

Just as if the hands of time running out. The world can change in one minute and that minute happens from 2016 to 2017. I could be making a Resolution, but I am making a New Years Solution, but I will not be responsible for that list as some would think, but the 8 will and they will be coming soon and they are not happy I am only a messenger and should you decide to kill me you will be sentenced 10 x more then I was sentenced and if you think hell is bad and Hell in the Cell is bad you have no idea what is lower then hell and only a few souls are left in that place. 408 more words


Catholic Priest Murdered – Dane, Wisconsin

Catholic Church-Murder 

Father Alfred Kunz was found brutally murdered March 4, 1998 with his throat slit inside of St. Michael Catholic Church and his death remains unsolved today despite a plethora of reasons why someone might have wanted him dead. 566 more words

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the stockings were hung by the chimney with care (or,we worship Mary and have babies like rabbits and eat flesh)

We had our first ever St. Nicholas Day celebration today. I’d call it a success. They weren’t as excited about the cinnamon sugar roasted almonds I stayed up til midnight making as I’d hoped (are they ever as excited about things we gruel over as we want them to be?), but the chocolate coins and candy canes were a hit. 3,311 more words

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Is Doubting The Faith No Longer A Sin?

VATICAN CITY – Everyone experiences doubts about the faith at times – “I have” many times, Pope Francis said – but such doubts can be “a sign that we want to know God better and more deeply.” 448 more words

Church Crisis: Educating The Masses...

We often receive emails asking questions about the state of the Church and how to deal with it. I’m afraid that I sometimes feel impatience with certain enquirers, especially if they are members of the older generation, when we were all taught very clearly that our Catholic Faith could never contradict Reason. 224 more words