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Hodak: Croatia's political life ABC for foreigners

// I translated it as an exercise for speed and dictionary, without styling.

In pardoning we rise above those who insult us, said Napoleon Bonaparte. Nice thought, but useless in real life full of southerners, pro-Yugoslav nationalists, and UDBA men (//Udba was notorious secret/political police in the first two decades of FPR of Yugoslavia). 2,547 more words

The Catholic Church

Kevin McKenna - It is time to stand up to those who wish to criminalise faith - article in The Herald

I have been arguing for years that our society is becoming more intolerant, not less and that in rejecting our Christian roots we will end up rejecting our Christian fruits (including tolerance).   1,577 more words


Dr. Grga Andjelinovic - first the member of CPR* and then the Orjuna man

* The Croatian Party of Rights

Who was Dr. Grga Angjelinović?His name was mentioned in my post relating to the events which straightened Ustaši position among the Croatian people. 492 more words

The Catholic Church

The crimes which straightened the position of Ustashi among Croatian people

The euphoric feeling of the Croatian people and the Church’s leadership which followed the foundation of the ISC on April 10, 1941, was briefly described in my previous post and in addition, it could be said here that in the light of what has happened in the past, it is understandable. 2,233 more words

The Catholic Church

Venezuela: Pope Francis's Downfall?

The Wall Street Journal points out that while Pope Francis is not slow to denounce President Donald Trump, he is not so quick to take Nicolás Maduro to task – click… 646 more words


About the background of violent assimilation by the transition
in the Catholic Church

Although Archbishop Stepinac did not mention concrete figures while interrogated by the President of the Judicial Council Vimpulšek during his trial in 1946, in one of his letters to the Pope, he quoted as many as 200,000 transitions from Roman Catholic to Orthodox faith for forced and opportunistic reasons. 1,595 more words

The Catholic Church

About transitions* of Orthodox Serbians into Catholics (2)

//* transitions, rebaptizing, conversions

A brief analysis of the case of Franciscan Father Sidonije Scholz (in transcripts “Šolc”).

The description of his alleged victim, that is, the description of the mode of torture and 2,132 more words

The Catholic Church