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I Tolerate You as long as You Agree with Me

Apparently Dolce and Gabbana have been taking a lot of heat for saying that they do not support gay marriage, gay adoption or IVF and surrogacy. 872 more words


Links, Updates, On Pope Francis' Philadelphia Visit, Reported Assassination Attempt, and Pope Benedict's Legacy

Papal Spokesman, Fr. Federico Lombardi, calls the vatican “rumor” of an assassination attempt on Pope Francis while he was in the Philippines “unreliable”.


Catholic.com takes a look at when you should (and are allowed to) stay home from mass under Canon Law. 76 more words

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Bible 1 Yr – Day 29 – Joseph test his Brothers and Feeding the Four Thousand

Old Testament

Today we see Joseph’s brother return to Egypt to buy more food. As directed they return with their other brother Benjamin. They are still unaware that Pharaoh’s steward is their brother Joseph who they sold into slavery many years ago. 499 more words


Candlemas is a ritual of the Milanese tradition.

During this religious ceremony takes place the blessing of the candles, we celebrate the light that they represent; also is exposed and carried in procession the table to the cusp of the Idea, which depicts on one side the presentation of Jesus in the temple, with Mary and the elderly Simeon and Anna (starring precisely the Gospel proclaimed on the feast of February 2), and from ‘another enthroned Virgin and Child. 23 more words

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So What's the Good Word?

by Bonnie Daly

The Holy Spirit is quite the wordsmith, as it would seem one of his major works is to “give life” to God’s Word and to the ministries he wishes for us to pursue through that Word. 286 more words


The Secret Scripture, by Sebastian Barry

This is a quiet, heartfelt novel from 2008. It tells two stories, one by Roseanne Clear McNulty, who is one hundred years old and confined to a mental hospital, and the other by Dr. 1,049 more words

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