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Against religion

Without the repression against religion, it would be difficult to draw a clear line between the socialist revolution and liberation war. In nearly every revolution the religious communities were the first victims of angry and discontented individuals or groups. 756 more words

The Catholic Church

The Tablet & Other Far-From-Catholic Rags: Irresponsible Bishops Must Act

From Christian Today:

The Catholic Church in the UK is descending into civil war behind the scenes after a major row over abortion was sparked by a controversial editorial in the respected journal The Tablet.   1,216 more words

American Reader on Mystical Body - Deliberate Mistake In October Newsletter

Dear Editor,  

I am writing to correct two substantial inaccuracies in the excerpt from Mary Ball Martinez’ book, The Undermining of the Catholic Church, published under the heading: … 451 more words

This Week in Catholicism: DACA, Climate Change, and Filling Those Pews

Pope Francis spoke out this week in support of Dreamers and in opposition to climate change deniers. (And before you say, “Who asked him, anyway?” let me tell you — journalists.) I am proud of my Church’s Papa, proud that he puts love and justice and mercy above other considerations. 333 more words


Effect of Renaissance Ideas on Same-Era Artwork

In the 15th and 16th century, large quantities of art and literature were created. The Italian political world intensified, with city-states creating embassies (buildings where a representative from the founding city-state would reside) to spy on other city-states in an attempt to keep everything equal. 878 more words


Falsus in uno, falsus in omnibus. One may disregard Abp. Fernández's entire defense of #AmorisLaetita's Ch. VIII

In his defense of Ch. VIII of Amoris Laetitia , Abp. Fernández claimed that there have been recent changes discipline regarding the divorced in new unions and went to state that: 766 more words


My Conversion Story

Sometimes seeing and hearing someone in the flesh is more powerful than simply words. I hope you all enjoy my conversion story. God’s Blessings to all of you.