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the stockings were hung by the chimney with care (or,we worship Mary and have babies like rabbits and eat flesh)

We had our first ever St. Nicholas Day celebration today. I’d call it a success. They weren’t as excited about the cinnamon sugar roasted almonds I stayed up til midnight making as I’d hoped (are they ever as excited about things we gruel over as we want them to be?), but the chocolate coins and candy canes were a hit. 3,311 more words

Holy Spirit

Is Doubting The Faith No Longer A Sin?

VATICAN CITY – Everyone experiences doubts about the faith at times – “I have” many times, Pope Francis said – but such doubts can be “a sign that we want to know God better and more deeply.” 448 more words

Church Crisis: Educating The Masses...

We often receive emails asking questions about the state of the Church and how to deal with it. I’m afraid that I sometimes feel impatience with certain enquirers, especially if they are members of the older generation, when we were all taught very clearly that our Catholic Faith could never contradict Reason. 224 more words

When They are Assembled at Armaged′don, it Behooves them to Choose A Side Wisely.

Pope Francis is allying himself with the international left. – THE AUSTRALIAN (Cf. here – PDF and here)
About Mageddo or Megiddo 336 more words
Thought Provoking

In Wake of Rejection of dubia Pope Francis Cancels Meeting With Cardinals, by Deacon Nick Donnelly | ewtn.co.uk/news - PDF

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In Wake of Rejection of dubia Pope Francis Cancels Meeting With Cardinals by Deacon Nick Donnelly | ewtn.co.uk/news

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The Vatican Preferred Clinton over Trump? 😕

However, Corriere della Sera reported Nov. 10 that, according to its research, most in the Vatican were backing Hillary Clinton as the “lesser evil.” Trump, on the other hand, was considered “unelectable” due to his “aggressive chauvinism,” in addition to his threats to deport 11 million illegal Mexican immigrants and ban Muslims from immigrating to the United States.

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