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Welcome to the Cave

I felt small as I glanced at the cave’s 10 foot tall entrance. I felt like a guppy about to be swallowed by a bigger fish’s mouth. 533 more words

Video Games

Your habits will tell on you (all year long)

Enjoying the holidays is a good thing, since many get to be with their families and friends and relax together.

When holidays are over, many will realize how threw their discipline away. 131 more words


..."she had her head screwed on right"...

Some of you may have already heard. Yep! My Bride got her 1st Deer this mornin’! I’m glad she had her License up to date & with her. 226 more words

..."Timin' is everything"...

Thank God the Senate Race here in Alabama is over. MY Party, the Republican Party, didn’t win. So be it! That’s a big disappointment for me. 352 more words

Fading away is too common

After several decades of training people in martial arts, the military, and strength & fitness I have seen some very predictable patterns of behavior in people. 84 more words

Cave Strong Nation