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Last night for my birthday, my husband, Tim, took me to this tiny concert venue called The Cave in Big Bear to see founding Beach Boy member Al Jardine. 954 more words

The Cave will be closed on Monday, June 18

I will be out of town for a couple of days.

Training will resume on Tuesday, make sure you check our updated training schedule

Rest while you can, we will be in “attack mode” when I get back!

Cave Strong Nation

Work that grip!

I am thankful that I found Jedd Johnson (Original Diesel Crew) back around 2004. He got me interested in grip training and we have done it since that time at my gym. 42 more words

Cave Strong Nation

Running Commentary: 133-137; "The Cave"

Sura/Chapter 18-Kahf (The Cave)

C.133.-The Book of Revelation gives straight
Directions to make our lives straight,-
To warn us against Evil and guide us
To the Good everlasting. 392 more words

Last minute schedule change for Monday

Due to a doctor’s appointment our 9 am class

will be held at 8:30am instead on June 4

Cave Strong Nation

Oikos No Limits Project 2018

Lakes Doors Architectural have been featured in the Oikos No Limits Project book. No Limits is a book of case studies where Oikos doors have been installed on some of the world’s most prestigious properties. 63 more words


"The Cave" a cura di Solkide Auer

“The Cave” è l’ultima installazione artistica realizzata da Solkide Auer e ospitata da LEA19.


Essa rappresenta un’esplosione di forme, luci, colori e movimento: una coesione di elementi astratti e geometrici che rispecchiano “il volto interiore” dell’autore. 309 more words

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