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This picture of the Maumee River reminds me of Socrates’ ‘The Cave’.  He stated that the shadows on the wall were the “real life”, while what we perceive as real is only a dream. 29 more words


The Cave Microreview

The Cave Microreview – 19/20!

The cognizant Cave, voiced by Stephen Stanton, is a magical labyrinthine of tunnels that lures individuals within to explore their darker personalities. 464 more words



My twitter-based narrative piece The Cave has been selected for publication in Rutgers Camden University’s undergraduate online magazine The Scarlet Review. You can view the publication here!


"A common struggle builds an uncommon bond"

This is the motto for our men’s weightlifting club called Iron Brotherhood

One of the reasons this club was formed was to bring guys together through various types of strength training. 156 more words

Cave Strong Nation

The Cave

The Cave
Rob Hodgson
Frances Lincoln Children’s Books
Inside a cave there is a ‘little creature’: the cave is his home. Outside the cave is another creature: the cave is not his home, but his heart is set on getting the troglodyte to come out and join him. 256 more words

Picture Books

How strong can you get with maces and clubs?

In this simple, outdoor setting this guy works up to 50kg for reps with gadas (maces).
That amount of weight on a barbell is no big deal, but when you are swinging it around your head, it’s almost impossible. 10 more words


Dope Lemon

whatever makes you feel important

Why doesn’t everyone just set up their own website with a live feed?

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cant see the shadows… 10 more words