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Halloween 2016- Movie Picks!

In previous years here for Halloween, I have discussed older or rarer films that Horror fans should check out (search the title “Horror Films” on the page’s archives for the past posts). 765 more words


Never stop learning

Coach Don Giafardino, creator of the Adex club and mace,  is shown teaching club exercises at his recent workshop at my gym


Do you have an immunity to learning?

Once you stop learning, you are done.

When you think you have arrived, you are fooling yourself.

Any time you think you can’t be knocked out of first place, you are doomed. 175 more words

Cave Strong Nation

The comfort zone is the birthplace of mediocrity

People love to be comfortable, and laziness just comes naturally for many.

I have said many times that nothing good ever happens in the comfort zone and it is true. 115 more words


When you think you can't do any more, you still can!

Mental toughness is an elusive quality, in fact, it is so elusive in our culture it is almost extinct. Giving up when something gets difficult is the norm, unfortunately. 255 more words

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