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The Silmarillion 1984 (A Tribute to Christopher Tolkien)

The Silmarillion is the book that launched the popularity of J.R.R. Tolkien’s legendarium, bringing us a greater understanding of Arda, Tolkien’s secondary world. The Silmarillion… 525 more words

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The Lord of the Rings 1994 Omnibus

I bought the “omnibus” as some might call it, mostly for the jacket art by Donato. I think the art is fantastic and captures the dark feel of the story very well. 272 more words

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The Hobbit 2012 Deluxe Leather-Bound Pocket Edition

​                The leather-bound pocket deluxe edition (what a mouthful) of The Hobbit is the first I owned. It’s not the first copy I read though. I was introduced to  152 more words

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100% on every rep, every exercise, every day

Never accept less than 100% from yourself!

I won’t accept less than that from you either, but first I will show you by what I do.

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"But we've never done it that way before"

During the early days of CrossFit there was no company called Rogue. I remember Bill Henniger had an idea for that equipment company he was discussing on the old CF message board. 239 more words

Cave Strong Nation

A Harmony of Sighs (#01?)

Once, when the world was young and the skies not so bright, I fell asleep and dreamt. And in that dream I was a man. And in that man were many thoughts. 234 more words