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Thinking outside the box sounds good, but

I hear that phrase used a lot, in fact it is used so much it is pretty meaningless. I mean it sounds cool (or it used to) but few people actually put it into practice. 229 more words


The Snow is Coming

The snow is coming,
So the bear takes to his den.
Already icicles line the
Mouth of his cave to chew
The warmth away in unwelcome… 169 more words

Rise above the herd

It’s common practice for people to just copy someone else’s training ideas.
At least I hope they are honest enough to say whose ideas they are using; however, some just say that it’s their own ideas. 15 more words

Strength & Conditioning

Why work on grip strength?

Your hands are vital to your everyday life and to your strength training.

Never neglect grip training!

Cave Strong Nation

Some of the best finds in Sarasota

I moved to a simple little beach town, called Sarasota,  on the Gulf of Mexico almost 4 decades ago.

It was laid back and though there has always some wealthy folks around, it was  still pretty much a “blue collar” working man’s town. 283 more words


When to change your training program

People change training programs way too often and it does not help them progress.

Instead of more lean muscle mass they just end up with more frustration and confusion. 21 more words

Near Siesta Key

The Cave

A short story.

Inspired by Hawthorne’s Young Goodman Brown

In hindsight, I blame Pandora. For it was because of her that the dark woods beckoned to me, tugged at my curiosity. 753 more words

Pitch Pine