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The Cell (2000) [REVIEW]

Imagine, if you will, a time and place where there was no hotter actress than Jennifer Lopez, a leading man no more charming than… 804 more words

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Emerald City is coming!

US network NBC have put a new spin on the Wizard of Oz – they will be bringing us Emerald City – which follows 20-year-old Dorothy Gale and a K9 police dog who’re swept into a world far removed from our own via a tornado. 93 more words


Emmett Carson

Time for the second and last character appearing in The Cell, one of the latest episodes of The Walking Dead. While following Daryl Dixon  934 more words



The Walking Dead goes on exploring the new communities we just met, including The Sanctuary, home of the vicious Saviors. In The Cell… 951 more words


TWD: "The Cell" thoughts

Right off the bat (no pun intended) I want to say one thing: there’s no reason for this episode to be a full episode. It could have fit just fine as the B-plot to some other Negan-centric story line. 1,054 more words


The Walking Dead - 'The Cell' Review

Daryl is in trouble! After more or less being responsible for the death of Glenn in the season premiere, he was bundled off in Negan’s van and taken back to the Savior’s compound. 785 more words


S.7 E.3 The Cell

So in my past few blogs I’ve shit on shows for not featuring enough of their main cast. I did it to Westworld a few times and when they do it, it’s a more than justified feeling. 987 more words