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College Media Institute: Covering Politics and Power

What’s going on everyone?

Two days ago, a few DSU students and I had the pleasure of attending an event in Washington D.C. hosted by Vanderbilt University at the Hilton Garden Inn. 89 more words

Report: Buffett Company Trapped People In Bad Loans

SEATTLE (AP) — A new report has found that predatory sales practices and high interest rates charged by a Warren Buffett company often trap mobile-home buyers in untenable contracts. 146 more words


‘Nothing is impregnable’: How armed intruders stormed their way into a South African nuclear plant

PELINDABA, South Africa — Shortly after midnight on a cold Thursday morning, four armed men sliced through the chain-link fence surrounding this storage site for nuclear explosives on the banks of the Crocodile River, west of the administrative capital, Pretoria. 1,445 more words


Are Non-Profits Acting Like Political Entities Without Consequence?

New information from The Center for Public Integrity suggests that many non-profits may be engaging in political activity without fear of repercussion.

According to the good-government group, many non-profit organizations that have protected tax status have spent money on political activities – yet, not many get audited by the IRS to check if they’re doing it too much. 262 more words

A Rant On Rolling Stone, The Center For Public Integrity, NPR, And The UVA Non-Rape.

I am getting sick and tired concerning the UVA non-rape. After looking at the issue a little more deeply, while the Rolling Stone had published the article about that alleged rape in Virginia, the origin of the rolling Stones article was the fault of NPR. 532 more words

Men's Rights

Dianne Feinstein pushes for semi-automatic rifle import ban based on 45-year-old law

This is from The Daily Caller.

This evil pile of pig dung keeps trying to disarm law biding gun owners.

Will this pile of pig dung succeeded? 1,247 more words