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OTR 11/22/14 Champion Center Points and Standings

Thank you everyone for being part of what we hope is a great start to “On The Road” Org.  We had a lot of great questions this weekend and a lot of great people who signed up.  167 more words


Dirk Ponchak - The little boy that rode the great horse Missy is all grown up!

Doc Greuey kept telling us that Dirk would be making the BOTB this year.  Ding Ding Dirk is in the house!  Congrats to one of the nicest young men we know; Cody is the other one :) 259 more words

Barrel Races

Carley and Tubby - This Ain't no western song. This is a BOTB Team!

Friends being friends!  Watching them makes us smile!

FB Post from Baily about this picture!  “these girl in the picture with me had an amazing weekend at the show in Lima. 363 more words


Team Marley and Evan's Cause Auction will have lots to try to win!

Each year, as you know, we have an auction at the BOTB to raise money for Team Marley.  This year, we will be raising money not only for UCP and Team Marley but also Evan’s Cause. 278 more words


Baily and Sparky are looking to get 'er done in 2014

This East Coast Stallion Incentive Fund horse and Bailey are ready to rock the house.  Springfield is a great location and pen for this team.  They are ready to run against the best of the best and make her grand parents prouder than they already are! 323 more words


Val Watson and JuneBug and Seis So Sweet are ready to be heard!

Val and her two horses, Seis So Sweet, who’s record speaks for itself and the other  Dashing French Lady  AKA June Bug whom she raised, trained and now runs will be heading to the BOTB to make it known that they are contenders. 365 more words


Kerri Greuey and Smart Doc Daler are dialed in this year!

Qualifying multiply times for the BOTB this year Kerri, sitting very astute in her saddle upon Smart Doc Daler, will be gunning for all the other riders to try to take home the BOTB Title. 188 more words