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This week I have been mostly wearing a lot of black, and its not only because I find it disguises the various food stains that I regularly adorn myself with (I never managed to quite get the hang of cutlery).  834 more words


Post 44: The Marshall - Lumar & Radney

“Today I wanted to focus more on the other two important astronauts, Lumar Redkins and Radney Louge.”

~Harper Carvings (The Marshall)

With my precious Cordelia up and running once more I was beyond ready to take on the challenges of final project research, that is until I heard the very serious news that many of Cordelia’s memory banks had been lost including my hutch research and recovering them would take more time than I had to offer. 3,909 more words

The Chaos

I came across this famous Poem.  It’s long but I thought it might be of interest to my Poet friends.   “The Chaos” by Gerard Nolst Trenité, written nearly 100 years ago in 1922, designed to demonstrate the irregularity of English spelling and pronunciation.


Post 42: The Marshall - Jasper Smythstar

“Besides Lumar and Radney, Jasper was the only other Marshall Astronaut to return to Earth.”

~Harper Carvings (The Marshall)

The following morning I had woken up early to visit the repair garage aboard the Jolli-Raj. 2,967 more words

Post 41: The Marshall - The Chaos Room

“It was no wonder the Deities executed the Chaos, to remind us of our place in the ecosystem and how fragile our life is, and how dependent it is on every other living thing on this earth.” 4,440 more words

Post 40: Cesare's Legacy

“Cesare never got his chance to bring it to light, but now you can.”

~Dacia (Calypso Cottage)

It was the final week of classes, we would be leaving to present our End of the Year Project at the Marshall within the next six hours and most of us are not even close to completion. 2,372 more words