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Chapter 2

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He was an interesting mix of eccentric, fun-loving, smart and weird. So was she.

November 2014. Finally, her national examinations were over, and she had time for life again – going out with friends, working part-time, serving in church, spending time with her family. 301 more words

The Chapters

Chapter III:‚Äč Redamancy.



What is “Redamancy”?
To be honest, I can’t even read this word correctly but who cares? It’s not easy to give a clear definition of the word, the cleanest way I could put it is if you have redamancy you’re the happiest person alive. 213 more words

The Chapters.

Chapter II: Another Round?

Another Round?

Having always been fascinated with identities and personalities, I once tried to write a short novel called “Another Round?”. Every character is named after a type of alcohol, the main character was based on me but with some small twists added. 149 more words

The Chapters.

Chapter I: The Stockholm Syndrome.


For this chapter, the reason why I named it “The Stockholm Syndrome” has nothing to do with the captor & hostage relationship. 143 more words

The Chapters.