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How Long It Takes to Break a Passcode

Four to six digits stand between most iPhone users’ personal data and the prying eyes of snoops, criminals, and investigators. To access records stored within, a hacker has little choice but to barrage a lock screen with possible PINs until the electronic tumblers click. 316 more words


Tracking Oil’s Crash

If we could see disasters coming, they wouldn’t become disasters. Oil’s price is down 71% since June of 2014, and while some factors that triggered the tumble seemed obvious at the time, others hit our blind side. 134 more words


Chart of the day: The first world is aging

Click to enlarge.Map by Nicholas Rapp

According to United Nations estimates, by 2060, for every 100 people of working age, there will be 30 people who are 65 and older. 98 more words