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Two posts that died in February...

I had two posts planned in the master scheme for the Cherubs and Chiefs issue. The first was a look at the Presidents and giving a broad brush grade for them. 160 more words


3 things I didn't blog on but wanted to...

That was KAL’s take on the recent China cyber thievery. The story really is only the tip of the iceberg seeing as the Beijing Boyz are all up in global cyber espionage at the governmental and private sector levels. 36 more words

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What has Washington D.C. become? Here's an unusual answer....

The city has become, in effect, the Brussels of America. So a wider and wider variety of businesses and organizations must be located there to lobby the government that decides their fate. 308 more words

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The US auto industry update

Here is a post about where I think the US Big 3 is heading.

GM: the bankruptcy model

I don’t like this company for reasons above and beyond the political rhetoric laden stuff. 726 more words

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A.P.E.S. It really is sunny in California...

Well streaks of sun I guess may be a better line.

Just finished reading a story in the LA Times that spoke of two pretty important decisions made by the school board. 211 more words


Dhimmi? Dummy? Thinker! Britain WTF?!

Why doesn’t someone ( and by that I mean MI5 or 6) not just kill Abu Qatada ?

I really feel for my cousins (literally) across the Pond. 100 more words

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The Cooper Chronicles: Cooper vs Nemo

So when I renewed the blog I upgraded but not so much that I can load native video. If I could I would surely have to post up Cooper our yellow lab at his breed best in the aftermath of the recent blizzard. 134 more words