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The Life of Peter – Chapter 5

The second event that Peter discovered, which would answer his question, “Can I really change” was yet to come.  Peter had seen what only a handful of people this side of heaven ever saw, a personal appearance of the resurrected Jesus. 1,102 more words


The Life of Peter – Chapter 4

Jesus was dead. His disciples were in hiding; very confused, very scared, and very grieved. The women, though frightened like the others, were compelled to prepare the body further.   647 more words


The Life of Peter – Chapter 3

Peter and Andrew would have moments to speak privately, and the theme was always the same, “Can this man really be the Messiah?”  The works He was doing were undeniable; actually shocking would be a better word. 928 more words


The Life of Peter – Chapter 2

And so the journey began. Neither Peter nor James, nor the other men who were called had any idea what they were in for.  Sometimes in life you sign up for a weekend experience and get a world changing mission.   1,273 more words


The Life of Peter - Chapter 1

Once upon a time there lived a man named Simon. Simon was from a town called Bethsaida, meaning “House of Fish.” Fishing is what you did, and as part of the fishing culture Simon learned to be a scrapper. 1,160 more words


Forgiving Friday: When You Believe in God But Won’t Forgive (Repost from FaithGateway)

From time to time, we experience bad things wherein we express negative reaction as our initial response. After we have expressed our “natural” response, we tend to dwell on it because it is “understandable” why we’re feeling bad over an unfavorable circumstance. 373 more words

Forgiving Friday

February Read - Christian Atheist [book review]

Have you ever read a book that makes you take a hard look at your life and how you’re living it?  Well, I hadn’t either, until I picked up this one. 578 more words