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Why We Must Stop Relying on Student Ratings of Teaching

I remember giving better ratings to teachers of courses that were inherently interesting.

Even biases that fall outside traditional categories of discrimination — such as student negativity toward classes they perceive as overly challenging or taxing — harm an institution’s ability to use student evaluations to gauge instructors’ effectiveness.

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“This Would be a Nice Place for a Rape”

Sexual assault and sexual harassment are widespread occurrences at American universities and colleges. Student outrage over a case at Harvard University is spotlighting an equally disturbing problem: how some campus administrators have tolerated sexual abuse by powerful academicians, and thereby perpetuated broadly unsafe conditions for students, staff, and even junior untenured professors. 1,060 more words

Sexual Assault

A Few Midweek Links

Full piece here (published in 2011):

I don’t know if I would choose to study anthropology…:

“Within a few days, the executive board began receiving angry e-mails from self-identified scientific anthropologists who were irate about dropping the word “science” from the long-range plan.”

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Public Debate

Where was my student going? He was no doubt heading into a more turbocharged version of his summer, a life of supreme intensity created in collaboration with the laptop slung over his shoulder.

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They Keep the College Moving

Behind a university’s research, class field trips, and student recruitment efforts is “a virtual smorgasbord of vehicles.” Meet the mechanics who keep them running.

If you work as a mechanic at Oregon State University, one of the clearest signs that a new academic year is nigh is the number of pickup trucks that are brought in to be serviced. 39 more words

Oregon State University (OSU)

Existential Angst in an Unmapped Political Landscape - Guest Opinion

A naturalized American wonders: Will perceptions of his “otherness” distort how his teaching on controversial topics is received?

The political rhetoric over the past year, attacking immigrants, non-Christians, and people of color, has not been easy to handle for this brown-skinned, accented, naturalized citizen who came to America in 1987 from Tamil Nadu, deep in southern India. 25 more words

Guest Opinion

"Code-switching" for Productivity

As you might guess, writers often contact an academic writing coach because they feel stuck — either in making progress on a single project or with their larger writing agenda. 257 more words

Writing Tips