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Teaching What to Learn and Learning How to Teach

by Hap Aziz

In his article “The Top 5 Faculty Morale Killers” published in The Chronicle of Higher Education online (April 25th, 2016), Rob Jenkins discusses several of the ways in which middle managers at academic institutions might influence faculty members’ experiences, for good or bad. 1,196 more words


More Colleges Turn to ‘Stackable’ Degrees as Entries to Graduate Programs

By Corinne Ruff

As the costs of graduate education skyrocket and students demand cheaper, more-convenient ways of learning, colleges and universities are increasingly experimenting with so-called “stackable degrees.” Think Lego blocks of college education, letting students start with a MOOC, then add a few more MOOCs to get an online certificate, then add yet more courses to get a traditional master’s degree. 234 more words

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Mapping a MOOC Reveals Global Patterns in Student Engagement

By Anthony C. Robinson

Teaching an online course that 49,000 students have signed up for presents an unprecedented challenge when it comes to an important aspect of instruction: knowing your audience. 240 more words

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MIT Master’s Program to Use MOOCs as ‘Admissions Test’

By Jeffrey R. Young

MOOCs may soon become a prominent factor in admissions decisions at selective colleges, a way for students who may not do well on traditional measures like the SAT to prove they can hack it. 312 more words

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What the Results of a Survey of Coursera Students Mean for Online Learning

By Ellen Wexler

When Coursera, Udacity, and edX started up within four months of one another, in 2012, The New York Times declared it the year of the MOOC. 259 more words

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This Is How Students Cheat in MOOCs

By Andy Thomason

Researchers at Harvard University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology have identified a way students are cheating to earn credit in MOOCs. The method is the subject of a working paper, … 71 more words

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