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HOMILY: Three Movements Of The Christian Life, by Pope Francis

From Walking With Jesus

Homily for the Mass with the cardinals, March 14, 2013

In these three readings for today’s Mass, I see a common element: that of movement.   522 more words


Here Comes the Bride

We went to a sweet wedding recently. The couple had a simple ceremony outdoors in a park. Though the surroundings were beautiful the greatest loveliness lay in the love that the bride and groom offered one another. 162 more words

Daily Devotion

HOLY SPIRIT: The Spirit Gives Manifold Gifts, by Lowell J. Satre

From All Christians Are Charismatic

There are three major passages in the New Testament concerning charisms, or gifts of grace.  They are Romans 12:308; 1 Corinthians 12—14; and Ephesians 4:7-12.   2,208 more words

Holy Spirit

THE CHURCH: Undressing The Spirit Of The World, by Pope Francis

From The Church of Mercy

During my visit to Assisi for Saint Francis’s day, the newspapers and media were stirring up fantasies.  “The Pope is going to strip the church there!”  “What will he strip from the church?”  “He is going to strip bishops and cardinals of their vestments; then he will divest himself.”  This is, indeed, a good occasion to invite the church to divest herself.   533 more words


The Shack - The New Pilgrims Progress?

I was asked about the Shack – the multi million seller book which is about to be made into a movie – so here is a review article I wrote a few years ago. 1,195 more words