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Thoughts on Joy Williams' New Album, Venus

Joy Williams
Columbia Records

Like many music fans, I was introduced to Joy Williams when she was in the group, the Civil Wars, with John Paul White, in 2008.  834 more words



There is something about the melding of two voices together in a duet that I absolutely love. In addition to the layered voices and harmonies, I love the complexity of the story telling between the two “story tellers”. 191 more words


a civil war

today i woke up in the middle of a war – that is, i woke up with high anxiety, a battle of light and dark. for those who have never truly experienced the feeling of emotional and mental chaos that accompanies anxiety, let me put it to you this way: your brain becomes your enemy, an enemy from which you can’t escape that haunts your every thought. 551 more words


Interview: Joy Williams Lets Down the Walls on Solo Album 'Venus'

By Annie Reuter

Talking with Joy Williams is like meeting up with an old friend. She is incredibly open about her grieving period since the breakup of the… 903 more words


Joy Williams -- Venus

The journey that led to the release of Joy Williams’s new album, Venus, was an eventful one, marked by the separation of The Civil Wars.  357 more words


Review: Venus by Joy Williams

I mentioned Joy Williams’ “Woman (Oh Mama)” to my friend Dinna, who’s followed the Civil Wars throughout their career. She was surprised by the new sound, and I don’t think she was sure if she’d take well to it. 143 more words

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I’ve got to let you go
I can’t help falling out of love with you…