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Safe and Sound...Or Am I?

From the number of pink post-its decorating the doors to this house you would think that Linc doesn’t trust me to stay put. Smart man. However, as I peel each away I do feel guilty. 507 more words


Pleasures: Catchy, Mellow Tunes to Enjoy

These days, I find myself in the car, behind a computer, cleaning the kitchen or walking through a park more often than not.  I play music or listen to an audio book to pass the time, allow my imagination, thoughts and soul to wander while go through the motions and rollercoaster of everyday life. 167 more words


the civil wars - the violet hour

A beautiful instrumental by modern folk band, The Civil Wars from their Barton Hallow LP set to a video edit by SpeaksPhotography.

Hands In The Garden

10 Best Modern Vocalists

From the hums to the belts, and everything in between. 1,603 more words


Erin MacNair--"Thin Crust" (The Walrus, March 2017)

SOUNDTRACK: JOHN PAUL WHITE-Tiny Desk Concert #578 (November 14, 2016).

The name John Paul White always sounds familiar to me, but I have a hard time remembering just who he is.  788 more words

Short Story

Some Thoughts on Appian's The Civil Wars

I have read a significant portion of Appian’s The Civil Wars and have some comments before he leads me into the altercations between Octavian and Marcus Antonius. 814 more words


'Cyclical melodies, beginnings and endings' - The Undercover Soundtrack, Nicole Evelina

I had a hard time this week picking just one pull-quote to represent my guest’s work. She’s a writer of two halves – historical romantic fiction and contemporary romance. 82 more words

Undercover Soundtrack