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If You Build It They Will Come

You might remember San Francisco band Pow!‘s album Hi-Tech Boom from two years ago. It was a punk filled diatribe against zombie tech workers taking over their city.   349 more words


"The 9th" by Sam Hunt with David Kilgour & The Heavy Eights

For the 9th day of May – NZ Music Month – I can’t let the opportunity to recommend “The 9th” by Sam Hunt with David Kilgour And The Heavy Eights… 540 more words


Jangly Good Times with Twerps at the Sunset

I remember seeing the Lucksmiths eight or nine years ago at the Sunset in Ballard and getting into a conversation with someone at the show about how strange it was for a band to travel half way around the world just to play this tiny bygone place in Ballard where the bar was right in front of the stage. 459 more words


Crepes - 'Cold Summers'

  Crepes’ Flying Nun Records-indebted track ‘Cold Summers’ is charming enough for all it’s lo-fi surf and indie pop character, but it’s the lyrical content that I find the most warming on this track. 53 more words



So you’re perusing the internet and you come across something about a band that is made up of members of Total Control, UV Race… 309 more words


"Vertigo" by Robert Scott

Robert Scott should require no introduction. But just in case… (deep breath) … he has been bassist and one of the songwriters and vocalists in… 187 more words

International Pop Underground

So Much Water So Close To Home

After a couple singles, Zebra Hunt, the Pacific Northwest’s foremost purveyors of the Dunnedin sound have released an album. City Sighs has obviously been influenced by the classic Flying Nun sound of the early 80’s made famous by the… 289 more words