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Marijuana Dispensary Hopes To Raise $100,000 For MS Society

DENVER (CBS4) – Growing up, Jay Price witnessed the worst of what multiple sclerosis can do to a person. His father, James, suffered from the disease which would ultimately take his life. 443 more words


The Clinic

“Good morning Ms. Shawldovel. I’m Doctor Clarke. Nice to meet you.”

“Good morning to you, too, doc” I said as I entered his clinic.

The clinic was very typical. 576 more words


A nicely Directed and Edited from BCM Studios by the good brother ‘Doom Da Wiz’. Straight from Mass……

Be on the lookout for Da Fam Immediate of Doom Da Wiz coming soon…..

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Story: The Clinic

By: Rick Edelstein

Please sit, Dr. Jiminez.

Good to meet you finally Dr. Eslinger.

So, how was your flight, do you find your apartment suitable, Zurich is such a long way from New York, sleep off the jet-lag, and that should complete the social necessities of small talk, doctor. 5,360 more words


Chile: Hello, Goodbye.

After our Bolivian nightmare, we ended our tour of the salt flats in the huge, dry desert of San Pedro de Atacama in Chile. Spending a week based in the pleasant little town (the only sign of civilisation for miles around), Atacama was a huge improvement on the past week we had had. 472 more words